Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walking around Sofia

we did a lot of walking with the kids to see around the city.  There is some beautiful old architechture and it's just wonderful to observe.  To see things from hundreds of years ago that are still standing yet in America, houses start to fall apart after a few years.  I lived in one of those kinds of houses before this home.  You just don't have the detail that you did years and years ago.  So a very nice change to look at such beautiful buildings.  So, some pics from one of our days.

Yes, that would be our kids walking way too far ahead.  Don't worry, after that, they were "handcuffed" to us.  Notice the people sweeping on the left.  There are street sweepers everywhere.  They always keep everything tidied up.  Nice.  

 A beautiful building in Sofia. 

A gorgeous church in Sofia.  It was a Sunday so we didn't want to go in and interrupt service.  We were able to visit another cathedral.  No pictures inside of course but it was esquisite inside.  So much detail.  

 A closer view.  Just think of the time and detail that went into this.

Hope our friends don't mind a cameo appearance shot.  LOL.  Whoever was holding Summer's hand was always trailing behind.  Always.  She could walk everywhere but tired out after a bit.  

This was the cathedral we went into.  It holds something like 10,000 people inside.  It's huge and so tall.  Marble and carvings everywhere.  

Typical tourists.  A family shot. Well, partial family for us.  We were very fortunate to have wonderful weather the entire time we were there.  Did not rain a once nor snow.  We lucked out big time.  Evenings were pleasant as well.  More pictures to come.  Right now having issues w/ everyone going to bed.  Mostly, the boys.

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