Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time for pics! (apartment)

The next few posts will be all recaps via pictures of our time in Bulgaria.  I'll start from the beginning and work my way up to yesterday.  So sit back, there are a TON of pics we took.  Well, my kids took some too. 

Nik, excited we were about to leave to get his new baby as he calls her.  LOL.  Notice those boots. HOT is an understatement.  Had no choice as the stupid dogs ate my two pair of sneakers before we left.  

 Yeh, it seems big until you spend 9.5 hours on that thing.  I will say this though, Lufthansa is the ONLY way to fly. 

This is where Logan and Reni were to sleep.  The thing on the left is a big wardrobe.  Awesome size apartment.

 Nice big bathroom.  Just SO slippery, especially for a kid that has no depth perception.  Summer fell once on that floor.  The rest of us faired okay.

 Ahh, just like home...a mess.  This is when we'd first arrived so stuff everywhere.

 This is our bedroom.  On the left is where we ended up putting Summer's cot to sleep on.  And not too uncomfortable a bed either.  No smells in the apartment either.  Though, they had this automatic mister that sounded like a hissing cat.

 Sorry for the blurry shot.  This is the dining room. 

This is the kitchen area.  Should you the other side in another previous post picture.  Had them eat their food in here versus teh dining room.  

More picture post to come!  I'm on a roll. 

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  1. We stayed this apartment on trip 1! Although, I don't remember the roaches. :) It's so funny to see others stay where we have stayed.