Friday, November 4, 2011


Goodness, what a week.  You'd think after doing this so many times, we'd be better ept.  Ummm, NOPE!  I just finished putting Summer & Reni's clothes in a suitcase.  One suitcase.  They have to have a jacket.  Takes up serious space.  Shoes, more space.  This is just one suitcase.  Going to work on Logan's next.  I don't have all his clothes though yet so need to figure it out.  And how on earth am I going to guess the shoe size?  Seriously.  They sent me measurements but I don't think they're right.  Based on seeing him this summer.  Smaller than Nik yet feet as big as Max?  Doesn't fit.  Worst case would be buy him shoes there.  You do what you have to.  Then, Warren & I.  Don't be surprised if you see all of us in many, many of the same outfits in photos yet on different days.  LOL.  It's just the way it is.  We'll be in an apartment so we can wash clothes.  I'm trying to pack 5 outfits for each & then we'll wash mid-week.

Totally forgot today was the deadline for kids' tickets till just now.  Phew.  Close one.  Yes, they have a 24 hour # but much easier to get a hold of someone now.  Tickets for everyone on this trip going & coming are indeed officially booked!  We are chipping away at things for sure.  Just really hard to keep it all straight at the moment.

Went to the bank today.  Nothing exciting.  Dropped off the van b/c it wasn't fixed right the first time when they put the new tires on it.  while there, it's getting an oil change.  Special for $19.99.  BTW, a $19.99 advertised oil change costs you...$25.  Disposal fee?  Really?  Isn't that part of the oil change?  Came home and got some school work done w/ the kids.  Even the "little."  Hey, I need practice right?  Warren has been trying to get things together for him being gone from work for awhile.  In addition, adding kids to our insurance and putting in his time off for adoption leave.  We need this very much.  2 weeks of it will be used up for while we're gone.  Other week we get home is packed full w/ specialist appointments.  Full.  Busy.  We still have not really thought much of Thanksgiving.  Shoot, it's only 6 days after we get home.  And those days home are spent at doctor offices.  Maybe I should get a turkey now.  Who knows.  Least of my worries.  Most likely it's just going to be us for Thanksgiving.  And that is fantastic.  Looking forward to it for sure.  Love having company but believe that everyone is doing something else this year.

We must go grocery shopping.  I think if they eat one more package of Ramen Noodles, we may have mutiny on our hands.  We have seriously been too busy to go to the store.  It's crazy.  See, we typically do our Sam's shopping the last day of the month or so.  When you look in the fridge & see yogurt, a few eggs, dill relish & dressing, you realize you have to get to the store.  LOL. Thankfully, the kids have been understanding.  And, we seem to be cleaning out that pantry.  Restocking this weekend of course.  Did a quick run Wednesday just to at least get breakfast food for a few days & such.  When you're running around like a chicken w/ your head cut off, you tend to even forget the basics.  See, though we've done this before, this trip is still a little different.  We are bringing three kids home.  Some with issues that are new to us and that we have to prepare for.  Focus has been on making all the preparations for travel & the kids.  So, grocery shopping was an after thought of sorts.  Warren is going to the store this evening.  For cheese so I can make homemade pizzas.  We have veggies left thank goodness. 

Yes, started this yesterday.  It's now Friday.  Kids were up way past 11pm.  I don't know if it's the excitement of all this or what but they are out of whack a bit as well.  We all are.  It's all par for the course.  With four days to go, it's normal for nerves to kick in for everyone.  I think even Digby is feeling it.  He kept climbing into the open suitcase last night refusing to move.  We still have many things on our list to do.  Many. But, it's getting done.  It is now even more evident we will need a bit of help when we get home.  I didn't think we really would but clearly, we will.  Before, many asked us if there was anything they could do to help.  We usually said no.  This time, you offer, we're putting you to work.  LOL.  Seriously though, we've had some wonderful folks at church offer to help w/ various needs when we get back home.  That is a huge blessing.  Huge.  Having meals prepared.  Having people take a child or two out for an outing.  Having prayers.  It is all a very big deal and all a tremendous help.  And for people willing to help out the week of Thanksgiving, that is a very big deal.  Willing to think of others & help our family during this transition time, is just inspiring.  Knowing that people are that generous with their time is reassuring.

Anyhow, need to go.  I will have more later.  Just been busy.  I'm sure you can relate. 

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  1. Have you tried using the travel space bags? I know I used those when I went on vacation for two weeks in Hawaii and it helped me get everything in the suitcase (and they weren't over the weight limit). A friend also borrowed them when she and her husband went to Rome. Just a thought....might help the coats not be so bulky in your suitcase.