Friday, November 25, 2011

Smiles returning and a walk in the dark

Time to return to recapping our Bulgarian trip in pictures.  So, that's what I'm doing tonight.  As time progressed, Summer started to open up. 

Eyes are starting to sparkle again.    She loves these gloves.  So do the dogs.  They squeak.  I did NOT know that at first when she picked them out from a street vendor.  Oh, w/ 10 kids you'd think I'd test those things first.

Summer, letting everyone get close to her.  Was so nice to see.   A little more each day.  First day, stiff as a board and no one could touch her.  

 Kids enjoy taking pictures of us.  So, every once in awhile we hand them the camera.  You can tell Reni's shots as they are always sideways.  Glasses will help that for sure. 

 Went walking w/ friends at night and found a little playground.  Needed to get some of that pent up apartment energy out.

 Wish this weren't so blurry.  She was so very happy coming down that slide.

All the kids really were having a bunch of fun on here.

Reni, getting ready to come down the slide.  Daddy, helping them all down.

Summer and that hat.  She was so content playing on the playground.

This is where the playground was located.  Wished I could have captured the beauty of it at night.  

More pictures to come.  We always felt safe walking in the streets of Sofia.  Never came across any issues.  They were just starting to put up Christmas lights so I'm sure it's beautiful now. 

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