Monday, November 21, 2011

Shared sadness

I know some blogs don't say everything.  I kept many things quiet during process but feel the need to explain things more in depth over the next few days.  It is not bad, it is NORMAL stuff.  I think though many in the adoption community don't want to admit when things don't go as planned or they don't understand what may be happening during a pick up trip.  I don't know if they feel they are less of a person or what.  I am hear to scream from the rooftops that many things are indeed a normal part of a child's adoption process.  They will not always be happy go lucky to see you.  You may have to call for back up on a trip if your child is completely raging w/ fear and screaming their head off. Once I'm done w/ the picture posts and recapping, I will explain all of this.  I will explain what it is like for these children to lose everything they've ever known in an afternoon.  Meantime, I will continue w/ pictures.  I'm trying to go in order of things.  Yeh, may or may not happen.  LOL.  So, more pics to come for sure! 

For kids first out of the orphanage, everything is different.  Even breakfast.  Notice all the scrambled eggs left on plates and apple juice in cups?  Look closer and Logan forgot to take his meds.  Yes, have to watch him just like the boys at home.  Point is, everything is new.  Summer doesn't look too pleased w/ this meal.  now, she asks for seconds for scrambled eggs.

Even Reni can not smile all the time at first.  No, those are NOT her clothes but Summer's clothes.  though the 4T's are big on Summer, they are definitely too small for Reni.  They could not understand that there was a limited selection w/ travel so tried to raid each other's suitcases.  Even clothes are a source of sadness b/c the smell of their old clothes is gone.  

Sorry she's in her diaper.  Just wanted to capture her look.  She couldn't even find it in her to smile.  Remember this please.  In a few posts, you'll see a completely different person in there.  It will be amazing.  However,  you must see this first.  This sadness of the kids.  It's a shared sadness they all have.  All my kids had it.  It is that sense of loss of everything familiar to them.  

And the walls, come crumbling down.  And the walls, come crumbling down.

The tears continued for quite some time.  This is a very good, good thing.  It may not seem like it at the time, but it is.  It is a way for younger children to express their grief and sense of loss.  She had to share it with someone finally.

Warren, trying to talk to her and comfort her.  

Though not quite ready to smile yet, progress was made this evening.  Albeit small, it was indeed progress.  And that is important to remember. Reni had no trouble smiling.  And even Warren.  We came a long way that evening.  Much more to come.  

Right now, the kids failed to tell us the bathroom was not working properly for about a week.  URGHH!!!  So now, it is flooded and the kitchen ceiling is leaking water from upstairs.  Lovely kids.  Welcome home to Chaos Manor.  Got to go help w/ clean up now.  Back w/ more soon. Smiles you'll soon see. 

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