Monday, November 21, 2011

Reni's eyes

Okay, as some of you may have seen in pictures, Reni has Strabismus.  This is not new for us.  Alyona has it, Warren had it as a kid, and Nik has a mild case of it.  We knew she had glasses at one point as in one of the pics we saw them.  When we visited her in June, we asked if we could purchase her glasses.  They said she'd be fine till we came back.  As you know, we had arrived home Friday evening.  Today, Monday, she saw the ophthalmologist.  We felt it was that critical for her to be seen right away.  See, in Bulgaria, poor girl kept falling all over the place as she had no depth perception. 

Today, Warren took her to our pediatric strabismus specialist that Alyona sees here.  We are fortunate that she has alternating strabismus so she has activity in both eyes unlike Alyona who only has one good eye.  That was wonderful to hear.  She received a +4.25 script for both eyes.  Should have been +5. something but doc said giving her this one.  She has a bit of astigmatism and is farsighted.  The glasses will correct everything.  Did you hear that?!  She will not be falling very shortly here.  She'll be able to see again.  She went to Walmart and picked out her pink glasses.  Came in at $198 total.  Yikes!  Fortunately, we have insurance.  Unfortunately, despite us having the insurance card, apparently they do not have her on file yet.  URGHH!!!  put that on the to do list for tomorrow.  Just relieved that my little girl will be able to see once again.  She keeps asking me how many more days till she gets the glasses. 

Tomorrow, Yana has a dentist appointment.  Also, Logan and Summer have eye doc.  No specialist for them, just regular eye doc.  Neurology for Summer and Logan is Wednesday along with the pediatrician.  We will then have referrals for ENT and Urology.  Reni & Logan will go to Urology.  Reni & Alyona will go to ENT and most likely have tonsils out.  Alyona was supposed to get them out last year.  Her tonsil stones are back so will take care of it.  May do the two at once deal again.  We'll see.  We took a look inside Reni's mouth.  Her tonsils are HUGE!  Unreal.  We'll wait and see though.  Right now, working on basic health first.  Specialists second.  Well, except for criticals such as neurology. 

Got to go.  Just had to share the great news about Reni's eyes.  Tomorrow,Yana gets a spacer.  Good night for now.  More pics to come tomorrow. 

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