Friday, November 4, 2011

Random pictures

Found pictures here and there and thought I'd share a few. 

Did we ever tell you Alaska is a people dog?  She always is hanging around people.  As you can see, we have all gotten used to her.  Wonder what the new kids will think of a dog around their neck while they put on shoes.  Yana is okay with it.  The worst part is when she tries to nip at your neck for you to pet her.

 During our hike they found a tree that looked like a chair.  All tested it out.

Even Max, the oldest boy in the bunch.  Can't really say boy at 16yo, can I?

 And this would be another reason we can't sell our home & decided to stay.  Kids do way too much damage on any given day.  Hinges ripped right off.  If we have time, we'll fix this weekend.  Yeh, doubting that will be fixed any time soon. 

Yes, that's my girlie girl in the pink sweat pants on the field.  This was one of their last games.  She really loved Upwards and we can't wait for them all to play this spring as well.  

Just some random pictures here and there.  Have to go work w/ the kids some.  Dreary day so it is a work all day kind of day.  Plus, making up for lost time as well.  Have a few other posts in the works.  Start and stop.  Hey, you go with the flow here and during the day, it's homeschooling first. 

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