Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pictures-- 1st Gotcha Day for Summer

I said I'd do a recap of our Bulgarian adoption journey via pictures.  We arrived on a Wednesday, woke up early and went on to Summer's orphanage which was about a 4 hour drive in the Summer.  However, our driver this time made it in 3 hours.  Hmm, maybe Nascar is in his future?  He was a great driver though.  No denying that.  In fact, every single driver we had both trips were excellent and go above & beyond.  Tend to the kids' needs and everything.  Back to the trip.  Pleasant weather the entire time.  Now,what I have not said much on here is that Summer is a very emotionally fragile little girl.  She will need lots of love.  She is sensitive.  On the first trip, I couldn't even hold or touch her.  Do you know how hard that was?  So, Warren and I were well aware that no matter how much they would try to prepare her, this would be a tough thing to do. 

Us heading up to Summer's orphanage.  

 This was actually one of the first times I held her.  And she's crying the entire time.  This was not easy for my baby girl.  Not one bit.  Now, I was prepared for most of it as I have adopted 2 other 4 yo's and a 3yo as well.  Though her reaction was different than any of the rest of our kids from Russia. 

Everyone was trying to calm her.  Many changes were coming her way and it was just too overwhelming for her to take.  In addition, she had never ridden in a car we were told.  So, they gave her something to help with that just in case.  

 Walking out the doors of her old life into her new life and new family. 

Everyone wishing her well, trying not to cry.  It was extremely emotional for the caretakers that loved her and took care of her all these years.  I promised them pictures and intend to keep that promise.  A friend of mine is going to this orphanage soon and then back for a second trip later.  On that second trip, I hope to send pics that will show smiles instead of the tears they last saw her with.  And with the way things are going, I will most definitely be able to send those happy pics.  

Sorry it's blurry but you can still make out her face.  Such sadness.  

 Clutching a doll and crackers the entire car trip home. 

This was the first night home.  Just look at her.  It is so much for someone so little.  I can only imagine how she was feeling.  All you can do as a parent at this point is offer comfort.  Even if it's just a candy bar.  

I want you to see this picture and just look at her eyes.  So sad.  In a few posts later ( a few days after this pic), I will want you to again look at her eyes and her face.  There will be SUCH a transformation, you will most likely not think it's the same little girl.  Trust me, happiness is in her future.  As I write this, she and Nik are chasing each other downstairs laughing like crazy.  Reni & Logan are on the couch w/ their older sisters trying to learn English.  

So much more to tell you of transformations and everything the kids may be feeling.  I feel it's important for prospective adoptive parents to understand the steps these kids must go through.  Adopting older kids, you learn a lot once they start speaking English.  We learned tons from Yana.  Much more to come.  There won't be sad eyes much longer, I promise.  But I feel you need to see it to understand it.  It is a process these kids must go through to help them heal.  Another post shortly.  Trying to get through the posts and pictures. 

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  1. The grief in Summer's beautiful eyes is just painful to see. It made ME cry! Your Mama Heart must have heart! I just know that your Lil Miss is gonna Heal and thrive with all of those in your home who will be Loving on her! I have been reading your blog for a LONG time and it is Precious to finally witness the Sweet Redemption in these children's lives! Thank You, for sharing this journey! Hugs and Welcome Home! Love to All ~ Jo