Thursday, November 3, 2011

Parent lesson learned (part II)

Time to finish this up today.  We left off with things going pretty decent on the hike.  We would stop if they wanted to see something or had questions on what something ones.  A learning experience for all for sure as there are so many opportunities to learn about things out in nature.  But, we still had to keep moving.

Alex, of course, would find things to climb.  He'd convince Nik to join him.

Alyona.  At this point, they were all pretty much still happy with the hike.  Then, things started to get ugly.  About mid-way.  Well, how could we tell?

I think this look says it all.  Geez, if looks could kill...  Okay, this is when I think the rebellion took place. LOL.  The whining, the complaining, you name it.  You picked the longest hike mom.  Suddenly, I'm the enemy.  Yes, I thought you could handle a moderate 2.75 hike.  Shoot, you're all young.  What about poor mom?  Yeh, they could careless.  I thought I'd be attacked for the vitamin C drop I found in my pocket.  They were asking if they could drink out of the stream at this point.  No, you can't.  It's not much further.  Yeh, I had no idea.  Why?  Because I'd left the trail map in the car.  Then, we started questioning if we were on the right trail.  

I can only imagine what Irina was thinking.  

This was actually a beautiful place to stop on the water.  Some didn't want to sit down b/c they were afraid they'd never get back up.  I could relate but sat down anyhow.  After this part, I didn't take pictures much b/c no sense in photographing such foul moods and faces.  Though I would have liked to have seen the look when they saw the parking lot.  It was like Christmas to them.

Alyona taking a rest by the water too.

Thought this was cute.  Bojan was holding Alyona's hand & reassuring her.  Really kids, I doubt we'll be lost forever.  Shoot, we're on a bike trail now.  We found a map at one point & decided it best to take the bike trail back the rest of the way.  Little longer but we didn't tell them that till we got in the car.  

Many lessons learned on this trip.  Many.  Still, we did it, had a decent time for half the trip and no one was hurt.  Not a total fail, is it?  Next time, we'll be a little more prepared for sure.  Water at the least.  See, I didn't think we'd be gone long at all.  Wasn't thinking.  Should have known with our bunch it takes at least twice as long.  

I have tons going on.  Will write another blog post later today.  But, school has to be done today.  They are eating lunch now.  We dropped the van off this morning.  They put new tires on it but ever since then the sensors have been on and it shakes badly.  So, took it back.  Trying to get things together.  It is tough.  So much to do & I'm running out of time.  I'm even foregoing things I want to do and at this point it is the what ultimately HAS to be done before we go.  Well, all of it frankly.  Warren and I are feeling the effects of all this now. Hitting us like a ton of bricks.  We'll get through it but just wears you down for sure.  More posts to come later today.  So much to say.  As usual.

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