Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Parent lesson learned (part I)

Sunday, we decided we needed to get out of the house & have some family time in nature.  We all love the outdoors, weather was gorgeous, leaves were changing, great day for a hike, right?  Well, we'll just see about that, won't we? 

Ride seems to be starting off well.  Smiles for the most part.  Okay, ignore Alyona in the front sticking her tongue out to those in the back.  We are making them sit in their assigned seats now to get used to it.  Hence, why Alyona has the whole front seat to herself.  That is where her new sisters will sit.  Summer will be in the carseat there in the middle.  

This is the park we decided to go to.  Fairly close and a really nice one.  Many different trails, different levels.  

We were deciding what trail to pick.  They have easy & moderate.  I went w/ moderate b/c seriously didn't think it'd take us that long and that easy may be too easy.  Umm, should have thought a little harder.  LOL.  We picked a trail that was only 2.75 miles long.  Thought that since it is our first hike this fall, we should start light.  Though, there were many trails a lot lighter that we should have maybe gone with.  Live and learn.  Packed no food except bananas which I left in the car.  No drinks b/c wasn't a hot day at all & figured we'd be done fairly quickly.  No gum.  Nothing.  Oh, & we happen to leave the map in the car.  You know, the one w/ the trails on it.  You see where this is headed, right?

They had a cemetery pretty early on in the trail.  We all stopped.  Kids looked at the old dates. One of the ladies' names was Irene which Irina thought was interesting.  They ooh'd at the dates in the 1800's and such.  Just was a very informative and interesting stop for all of us. 

For awhile, we were too spread out.  Had to keep reminding everyone to stick together.  didn't help that they'd all stop at different times to explore things.

Ah, a group shot.  We took three of these.  Unfortunately, this is the best one despite Max's mouth being opened & Nik's eyes closed.  Boy, later we wished we'd of stayed longer on that bench.

Alyona stopping to admire the fungus on the tree.  There were so many things for them to explore.  It really was cool.

 Max, being kind to his brother & carrying him a little ways.  Notice the blue square in the background?  Yeh, that's how the trails are marked.  I was getting aggravated w/ my kids turning the squares into diamonds and vice versa.  Had to stop & check every stupid tree to make sure they weren't causing future hikers stress.  Or us for that matter. 

Bojan, taking a moment to think.  Not sure what he was thinking.  Probably somewhere along the lines of why the heck am I going on this stupid hike.  Or maybe, should I drink this water or not.  Many thoughts Im' sure were spinning in that head of his.  Some were more vocal about it.  

More to come on our epic fail hike.  Maybe not a total failure for we did eventually complete it.  LOL.  Got to go figure out dinner. 

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