Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A not so great poem

10 days to go & what's the plan?
Find a sitter & fix the van!

9 days left & what do you know,
The list is long & yet we need to go.

8 days left & we need to pack.
Get the clothes together & no looking back!

7 days to to go, a week that is,
My brain is fried, please don't give me a quiz.

6 days longer that's all we have to complete,
This mission of ours that is oh, so bittersweet.

5 days to go, that isn't that long,
I'll bet you're glad this isn't a song.

4 days till we fly and see our kids,
All while waiting for those house bids.

3 days to prepare and really get ready,
All while keeping the kids at home cool and steady.

2 days away from going to Bulgaria,
I must remember to say ciao and blagodaria.

1 day left before we fly day and night. 
I don't care as the future is now just so bright!

Yeh, that was my poor attempt at a poem.  Just something silly to do to get my mind off it all.  Enjoy it.  Make fun of it. Hey, that's why I did it you know.  Much more to come.  We've been working all morning on homeschool history.  Doing a lap book and a notebook.  Great for visual learners for sure.  All ages. Got to go.  More to come.  Busy.  Very busy.  All but neuro is rescheduled for the new dates.  Week we come home is crazy.  It will be Thanksgiving week and we're so far back to thirteen appointments that week.  Expecting at least 15 that week (3 days as the others are mostly off due to holiday).  I don't even care at the business of it all b/c just so thrilled that all 12 of us will be together for Thanksgiving.  The new kids first Thanksgiving ever!  How can you not be happy about that?! 

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