Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The morning after....

Well, we made it through the night.  Everyone slept and then the real work begins.  It was already in the plans not to go anywhere the first few days home.  those were the plans anyhow.  Well, we managed to get all the kids downstairs for breakfast.  Reluctantly.  I made buttermilk pancakes but they were too freaky about the dogs to eat yet.  The whole day we knew would be just trying to get them okay w/ the dogs in the same room.  Trust me, it was going to be easier said than done.   So, wanted to head outside.  Plus, kids told me they had decorated so wanted to see it.

 They decorated in red, white and blue.  And yes, those are pumpkins we never did have the chance to carve. 

The sign they all made.  Very sweet indeed.

The mailman must have loved them that day.  

BTW, Bojan took all these shots.  I thought they turned out great.  Love the welcome home balloon.  

I wish you could see the laughter on Summer's face.  Her and Nik took the noisemakers we bought in Bulgaria and were having a grand old time.  

Can we say jetlagged??  

 Yana was teaching Reni to ride a bike.  Even though Reni and Logan are older, neither knew how to ride a bike.  Think about it, the orphanage can not afford to buy bikes for all the kids.  No chance to even learn over there.  Yana was being a fantastic big sister that day. 

Logan, trying out the scooter.  

We have many more shots from that day.  I let various kids take the camera for awhile.  I was too tired.  I'll be honest.  I was beat.  Just wanted to sleep but that wasn't happening.  Started laundry and worked on the dog situation and them getting to know the dogs.  Logan's fear went away as soon as we had him in command of the dog.  He walked the dog w/ Yana and after that, no issues whatsoever.  Reni, well, we're still working on her but her past may have something to do w/ all that.  She is afraid of not only dogs but a great many things.  It will take time.  The other day though Digby's head was on her lap so that is tremendous progress for her.  Summer, could careless and gives her opinion on the dogs.  LOL.  Told you, a little firecracker to be sure.  More to come.  More shots from this day and what all we did.  Right now, Logan is getting his MRI w/ Warren.  Thursday, he goes for the EEG.  All checking for epilepsy.  Tomorrow, Summer goes in.  We have to repeat bloodwork for Summer and Reni.  That will not be fun by any means.  Enjoy your day.  They'll be more posts later today but homeschool has to come first as well as some chores.  But, I still like telling how each child reacted when first home and how they overcame their fears.  I will do a post as well saying what each child was like when we first met and what they're like now.  for one in particular, it is not the same child at all.  She has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams.   Before, I couldn't even talk to her.  Now, I just finished yelling(best word I could come up w/ but not really yelling) at her and Nik for not sharing legos.  She did not flinch, did not look down, did not cover her head, no crying, none of that.  She looked at me, as did Nik, understood what I was saying and went about her business like any kid should.  She has found her place, knows she is safe, and knows I'm her mom.  I did not think this transformation possible just a few weeks ago.  Seriously, I thought we were in for months and months of healing and therapy.  I guess all these years of practice helps.  LOL.  I will have a post on each child, where they were, where they are now, and how we did it.  With each child we bring home, we are able to get the adjustment time less and less.  I will explain that as well.  Hey, I've had 12 years to get it right.  Thought I'd share what works and what did not over the years w/ each child home.  Things I wished others had told me when we first brought Irina and Max home.  All I could do was look at them. I was clueless.  More on all that later.  Need to finish up the coming home posts and Manic Monday from yesterday.  However, homeschool calls.  Have a great day.


  1. You make it sound like they are totally adjusted. They've only been home for 1+ week. I think it takes quite awhile to be really adjusted. Absolutely, they seem pretty happy, they look happy, but don't you expect some grief in the coming weeks and months? Summer has definitely blossomed, but Reni and Logan have a sad look in their eyes.
    I have to comment on Yana! She appears to be very loving toward the newbies. Both she and Max. Pretty special for teens! Oh, and I would love to hear about all of the donations that you took to the orphanages and how they were received. And, could you share the Bulgarian tradition of why they trow the water in front of the children as they leave the orphanage? I think your readers would be interested! Happy to hear that the family is adjusting!

  2. I am a very long time reader of your blog, but first time commenter. I am looking at older child adoption of a sibling group from the US and have found your blog to be very inspiring, humorous and realistic. I am very glad about all three of these! I don't know anyone else who has adopted personally and would have felt like such a failure In the beginning and beyond if I had only heard the good things and seen the smiling photos. To see the photo of Summer sobbing in your lap the first time you held her to smiling and laughing just a short time later was just amazing. The same with Nik who looked like a lifeless baby despite his age when you first got him to such an incredible smile now. I know things are not perfect now with everyone but you have kind of made it okay for things not be perfect for me as well. The improvement in all of your lives and the happiness that is evident makes it more than worthwhile. I think you guys are the real heroes of the world and while you may not get the recognition that someone who merely kicks a ball well or models designer clothes for a magazine does, the love that you receive from these children and the difference you make in the world will be a much more lasting impact. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your story so the journey will not be as scary for me!