Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More on the first day home

I know some of these posts must be confusing b/c I'm going back and forth between recapping the trip and life now.  I do promise to sort it out but since I"m almost done, we're going this route.  Recapping in pictures first.  I want you all to really see the pictures and their eyes and facial expressions.  That, we will then compare to say pictures from yesterday or what have you.  It is honestly that noticeable.  Pastor and his family came over the other day.  One comment to me is you really don't even notice that they've only been here a short while.  Again, separate post I promise is indeed coming.  But homeschooling and medical appointments have been priority.  Not blogging.  I'll explain all about the grief and all that does have to happen as well for every child.  So much to say and just jam packed days.  Oh well, that's life.  These are the last of our day after pictures. 

Yana trying to teach Reni how to ride and Logan learning by himself.  Neither could ride bikes.  Logan watched, got a little help, and took off.  He, Max and Nik were my only kids to ever do that.  All the rest took some time to learn.  Now, Logan and Nik and Alex like to ride. 

Got to get used to squinting in that Carolina sun.  Reni looks so big here for some reason.  Really, she's not that big at all.  

Alex, really enjoying some riding.  

URGHH!!! One of my two camera hogs.  LOL.  Now, if I could just get him to get rid of that fake smile.  I admit though, I do love taking his picture.

 Reni, Yana and Alyona.  If you're wondering why Reni looks scared, the dog is laying near her.  Digby, the one w/ hardly any teeth on the bottom.  The one who never jumps up or does anything.  Seriously, he lays there and just lives to be petted.  Thankfully, this petrified look has gone away as of late.

I will also explain more of Alex.  It is very, very difficult for a child w/ his extreme past to have us gone for extended periods of time.  However, it is also vital we leave as well so that he is assured we are coming back.  Took Alex about 2 days to come back to his old self.  He has expressed over and over again how happy he is that his brother is finally home.  Soccer buddy.  

This was our very first day home.  Summer here is still super duper tired.  She needed about another 12 hours of sleep.  Truly, she did.  Wonder what the pink is on her face?  Well, we forgot our first night home that she is a toddler after all.  That is nail polish.  She painted her nails in bed and on her face.  Teeth got it too.  Yes, the nail polish has a new home.  As do some other items.  

I have more posts due, I know.  I have many, many emails to answer as well.  If you have written me, I will get back to you.  I am hoping this week to catch up on ALL computer stuff.  It's been a big week home and now we have started on week two home.  Yeh, I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out but so far, so good.  Our biggest, biggest issue right now is getting all the kids to bed.  No one wants to go.  They all want to hang out and play.  That's both good and bad.  Again, there is so much to tell and much I feel needs to be said.  Got to go to bed.  It's well after 11 and we must get up at 5am to prepare Summer to go for the MRI.  I"m staying home w/ the homeschoolers.  More on them too.  And, a teen update soon.  I know these post are mostly focused on the new kids but that is just b/c they just got home.  However, I can't forget all that is going on w/ the others too.  Shoot, Bojan has his first band concert coming up.  Like I said, I think I will finally be able to catch up this coming weekend.  You know, if nothing crazy happens at Chaos Manor. 

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  1. Looks like things went amazingly well. Can't wait to hear more. I was praying for you the whole time and I'm still praying! Hang in there my friend.