Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Middle Schooler Update

Well, since I only have one middle schooler currently, thought I'd start there b/c I won't have as much to write. we'll see.  Bojan is our middle schooler.  He is in 6th grade this year.  He has NO IEP any more and NO mods whatsoever.  That being said, he made all A's and B's this last report card.  Got the report card when we arrived home from Bulgaria.  Wonderful!  We were very proud of him. 

School is going very well for Bojan.  Social life is just fine too.  LOL.  Some days I wish my kids were hobbits and homebodies.  Bojan is in band.  He plays the trumpet and his first concert is coming up December 8th.  Yes, we're going.  I remember my first band concert.  So, happy for Bojan. 

Medically, Bojan is in excellent health and growing like a weed.  He had received a new leg this summer so he's fine w/ all that.  He's almost taller than me now!  Bojan has made tremendous progress.  He wants a dummy for Christmas and I wouldn't even know where to begin w/ that one.  Told him to start w/ a puppet.  LOL.  No mom, not the same.  He is still the funny man.  Nothing phases him.  And I mean nothing.  All in all, doing fantastic. 

Bojan, trying on part of his suit to see if it fits.  Growing into a handsome young man, huh?  I really have no worries about this kid.  Though, we haven't started the dating scene so I may want to hold off on that comment.  Just wanted to give you a brief update on Bojan.  Next post will be updates on the teens.  Then one on grief.  Hey, I'm getting there...slowly. 

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