Friday, November 25, 2011

Last walk around Sofia

Well, we had hoped to go to the zoo before we left but that did not work out.  So, we did a little more of the tourist thing. 

This leads to the underground souvenier mall.  Some pretty neat stuff. Across the street were a group of protesters protesting the drilling for natural gas in NE Bulgaria.  At first though, we didn't know what they were protesting so a little nervous.  Why nervous?  Well, b/c my son decides he should yell something at them.  Fortunately, we were underground when he did this.  

Nope, it didn't have a closing door.  LOL.  These were part of old buildings discovered underground.  Bricks were in amazing condition.  Very interesting all the archeology.  

Love the alligator on top of the van.  Tried to get the kids to see it but they were more interested in the protesters.  

I just thought the color of this building was really neat.  Not sure why.

This was where the changing of the guards took place.

Summer certainly enjoying herself.  Reni and Logan were waiting w/ Warren for the changing of the guards.  They saw it, we missed it.

Sibs weren't quite as enthusiastic about seeing the ruins.  Can you tell?

So many neat little things to see.  More to come.  One last post in Sofia and then we have that trip from he** wonderful trip home.  Stay tuned for more.  Nothing like a kid bolting through the Munich airport.  Going to bed now.  Tomorrow, we're getting our Christmas Tree.  Can't wait.  All ten are excited about Christmas. 

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