Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last walk around Sofia (part II)

I'm finally going to be finishing up my photo recap from Bulgaria.  Then, I will tell you all how the trip home went, how adjustment is going (a week home), what we're up to, how we adjust our older kids when home, and way too many other things to name.  Just want to get finished w/ the recap first.  So, back to the last walk in Sofia that we had taken.  Or, one of the last walks anyways. 

One of the places we walked. In the summer I'm sure it is esquisite w/ all the flowers and water features.  Winter, not so much.  I think Mtel is one of their major cell phone people but not sure.  Huge building though.

Kids, if you smile we can go get something to eat.  Please.  Umm, nope mom.

Dad trying to shade the shot.  Yeh, didn't quite work out.

I'll be honest, the one thing I really dislike about this city is the graffiti.  It is everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  It really just turns it from beautiful to distasteful in a heartbeat.  Sad really.  Nothing is spared from graffiti it seems.

Yes, there was a chocolatier shop for this chocoholic right in the heart of Sofia.  However, w/ the kids w/ us, it would have been a very bad idea to go into a chocolate shop.  But, oh, the displays were gorgeous.  

 Warren and Reni checking out the view. 

Logan, waiting to see what he can do next.  Yes, there is a very mischevious side to him.  That limosine in the background just had to be touched.  URGHH!!!  Always learning when they are first with you.  Just wish you could put them in an infant carrier sometimes.  LOL.  

This was a cool piece.  It's a whole water display.  However, it's not on in the fall and winter.  bummer.  They have huge water displays.  Stay tuned for our trip home.  Yeh, it was one for the record books. 

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