Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interruption for cuteness!

With all the heavy talk on the last post, thought it was time to share some of the now pictures.  Random ones from the weekend.  And, just b/c Summer is so dog gone cute.  Between her and Nik, I don't know who to squeeze more.  LOL.  Older kids liked to be hugged once in awhile but well, you know, once they reach a certain age, it's not "cool."  So, thought I'd share just a quick few.

Seriously, Max is the BEST big brother any younger sib could ask for.  He'll kill me if I say this but I don't care.  I over heard him when he was dancing with her say "I love you Summer.  You really are sweet."  Tough guy but when it comes to his little sister, he's all mush.  Now, if you know him, do not ever tell him that.

My two camera hogs...Summer and Nik.  Not sure what is up w/ that face but I see it all the time.  

Nik w/ his cheesy grin.  All my kids go through this funky smile stage.  Do not know why exactly but hits them all around the same age.  Go figure.  

 All the kids gathered in the kitchen watching some guy test our water.  We are on a community well w/ 7 wells.  3 or 4 have already been shut down.  Radium too high.  Anyhow, that's not why we did this.  It was free testing and actually pretty interesting.  Kids learned a little science while watching too. 

Bojan is looking so grown up here.  Sigh.  Growing up too fast for me.  He was really interested in the science aspect of all this.  Ignore the recycling on the counter.  Apparently, Alyona did not do her job that evening yet.  

So much happening here at Chaos Manor.  I will fill you all in when I get done w/ the trip stuff.  Just thought it important for people to know it isn't all cake & roses on the way home all the time.  Kids don't quietly sit on the plane.  Well, most don't anyhow.  We always tried to keep all ten of ours entertain the whole way.  That is near impossible to do.  It really is.  And most of the time, others will understand.  Some, even try to help which is wonderful.  Anyhow, a few more posts from the trip.  Then, reality at home and a transition time.  That is what we are in...transition.  The transformation thus far have been nothing short of a miracle for being home just a week.  Incredible.  The boy I wrote about previously is a changed child.  Yes, we still have work to do but nothing like before.  Amazing really.  so much to share that I really can barely wait. I want you to see how these kids are today.  So much future ahead of them. 

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