Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Initial medical updates

Well, I've already said about Reni's eyes in a previous post.  We also went to our regular eye doctor for Logan and Summer.  Logan is, as we suspected, color blind.  No biggie.  Just don't ask him to hand you the red or green decorations this Christmas.  Otherwise, his eyes are great. Summer is a tad farsighted but completely normal for a 4yo he said.  Her eyes are clear and look great.  So, all in all, eye doc is great news. 

Okay, neuro today.  For those who do not know, Logan is dx'd with epilepsy and is on meds for it.  Bulgaria gave me enough to last for a little while here.  Went to our neuro today.  His MRI & EEG video is scheduled for next week.  We will first be determining if he truly has epilepsy.  If he does, we'll continue w/ same meds most likley as he hasn't had a seizure for a long time.  If he doesn't, he will slowly be weaned off the meds.  After this is done, he will go see our regular devel. ped for ADHD.  Umm, w/ 3 other kids w/ it, I can pretty much dx.  In addition, neuro agrees.  Neuro reviewed the brain wave sheets I had from Bulgaria for the last few years.  Glad we're on the same page.  Great guy. 

Next was Summer at the neuro today.  He noticed all her cafe latte birth marks and the big birth mark above her belly.  He also took note of her thick neck.  Now, Summer was born missing her corpus callosum.  This connects the two hemispheres of the brain.  Doc said that when you have this, the defects can run right down the middle of the body, including the thalmus, thyroid, and heart.  So, he said first he wants to determine if this is truly her dx.  She was also dx'd w/ internal hydrocephalus.  That one, not really believing.  But, neuro wants to see what might be up w/ the brain so we are on board.  He knows his stuff.  Once we determine if she is missing her corpus callosum, then we will move forward he said testing to see if there are any other defects associated w/ that.  He said there are a few syndromes out there w/ some of the things she has but first thing is first....determine is she is missing anything or partial.  If not, life is good.  If so, life is still good but we'll just make sure her other systems are a-okay.  Hope that all made sense.  She had quite a bit of scarring on her legs he said.  She's a little puzzle.  But, we'll figure her out soon enough.  Both their MRI stuff is sedated & scheduled.  Let you all know how it goes.

As soon as we were done there(literally), we headed to the peds office next.  I'll cut to the chase.  Logan, pretty good to go.  Did basic labs on him.  He needed 7 shots, 1 TB test, and 3 blood draws.  What a trooper.  Reni, has huge tonsils that for now, we're just keeping an eye on.  She will give us a recommendation to a plastic surgeon for her.  See, at her old orphanage, a boy had beat her in the face (on the nose) w/ a stone.  Looks like she may still have pieces of stone still lodged in there.  Doc is confident we can help her which is great.  She also got same shots and bloodwork as Logan.  Yes, they were short that many shots.  In addition, we did a urinalysis on her.  On the way out, looked like something was up w/ it & doc was culturing it and calling us.  Believe it or not, we are both hoping for an infection as it would mean her issues may not be as serious.  However, if it has been an infection that has been untreated for a very long time, permanent damage may have been done.  Too early to know at the moment.  Waiting on results & course of action from there.  She too will see a devel. ped. that we have.  Reni is a bit challenged but not in the same category as Alyona.  I've looked through some of her old work.  She will go far though, that I have no doubt about whatsoever. 

Finally, Summer.  She too got 6 shots, a TB test, and blood draws.  Poor kid.  We couldnt' get any blood out of the first one.  Doc also did a thyroid b/c of what neuro said so glad about that.  She also commented on her legs as well.  We'll figure it all out piece by piece and go from there. 

Afterwards, I walked them over to Wendy's as I had free Frosty coupons and goodness did they earn it after that.  Warren stayed and got seen.  He has bronchitis.  Not surprised w/ all the travel we've done.  And, tons of running around and no slowing down.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Though, hoping to get some yard work done.  Feels like we've been home forever though I know it's only been a few short days.  Got to go take a break and make apple pie for tomorrow.  Apple pie & chocolate chip cookies will be made for dessert.  I'll get up when I get up and put the turkey in.  No time frame as it is just us.  No stress, no fuss.  Told the kids I don't care if you wear your jammies all day long.  Or sleep in.  Oh, please oh please sleep in.  LOL.  Much more to come.  Got to go make the pie & then intend to do at least 2 more posts.  Trying to do four a day to catch up. 

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