Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thought I'd do a little recap of our day.  It is amazing that we are even able to be sitting at a table together.  Nothing short of a miracle considering all that transpired to get these 3 precious children home.  It was a relaxing day, just as it should be.  Sometimes I think people stress a little too much on this holiday.  We keep everything simple.  We did not have guests this year.  Maybe next year.  The kids slept in...a little.  Just means they weren't up at the crack of dawn.  Warren made omlets for breakfast.  I prepped the turkey, stuffing, etc. 

Summer and Logan vegging out before breakfast.  Yes, that's a cookie for breakfast.  Not sure why she's wearing a mitten on one hand.  Logan still wasn't feeling so hot.  Ran a bit of a fever today but that was due to the 7 shots he'd received yesterday.  Tylenol knocked it right out and he even felt better to go bike riding later.  

 Some of the kids watching the Macy's parade. 

More of them watching Macy's parade.  They watched it for a good long while too.  I know, the living room is trashed.  I didn't care today.  It was to be our relaxing, chill out kind of day.  

Summer with big brother Max.  She loves him and I think the feeling is mutual though a 16yo young man would never admit that he loves his sister.  He takes wonderful care of her.  Max will make such a wonderful father one day.  

And this was even before Logan had any turkey.  

 Reni, cracking a tired smile.  I can not wait till she can finally see again. 

Nik wanted to help.  So, let him open the canned cranberry sauce.  I made homemade cranberry sauce one year only.  Never again.  They like it just as well (okay, they like it better) as the homemade one.  

More to come.

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