Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (part III)

Last post of the night most likely.  Hey, trying to stick to 4 a night to catch up.  I think I'll finally be able to catch up from my trip this week.  Wahoo. 

Yes, definitely the after turkey nap.  

My girlie girl in her pink pajamas.  She was dancing and singing.  

Irina, Reni, Logan and Alyona were singing to Justin Bieber.  Okay, so Irina was more making fun of it than singing along w/ the younger kids.  LOL.  Logan and Reni recognize some American music.  It's fun listening to all my kids sing.  To a point.  Once it sounds like howling, it has to go.

Sisters through and through.  Amazing that you know just which kids belong in your family.  Haven't been wrong yet.  This is my oldest and my youngest.  

 While we were in Bulgaria, Miss Rebecca and the kids made this turkey for us.  Sign says we are thankful for....

 It has the hand prints of my 7 kids that were home last week.  Need to add Reni, Logan and Summer's prints as well.  On each hand, they wrote what they were thankful for.  Alyona wrote mom, dad & food.  Max wrote his life, family, house, food, etc.  Yana wrote she's thankful for her family and school.  Nik is thankful for mom, dad and corn. 

Bojan is thankful for school and family.  Alex is thankful for his health and mashed potatoes.  Irina is thankful for mom, dad, Reni, Logan and Summer.  Thought this was very sweet of them all.  Will be a keeper for sure.  

All in all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It was simple.  It was just the 12 of us.  Family through and through.  For those waiting, these are the moments that are worth the wait.   We you no longer stress about paperwork, travel dates, court dates, expenses (okay, so VERY stressed now!), etc.  You only focus on the kids and adjustment for all.  You focus on the good times to come, the good times right in front of your face every single day.  Yes, there is a ton we have to be thankful for in this home.  A bunch.  It was almost surreal sitting at my own table w/ my entire family before me.  It was a dream only it's reality now.  Dreams really do come true. Some just take a little longer to achieve.  Take it from this very thankful home today...Never give up.  Never.  You can't b/c there is just too much of a good thing ahead of you.  No matter what in the world is happening during your adoption process, never, ever give up.  You can't.  The kids are counting on you. We are beyond thankful for all that has happened over this entire adoption journey.  It has grown us in many, many ways.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Blessings to all.

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