Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging out at the apartment

Well, you couldn't go somewhere all the time so time was spent at the apartment.  If I never hear another Bulgarian music station, it will be too soon.  LOL.  Logan played it all the time.  Not bad for the first couple of times but for ten days straight, it wore on the nerves.  But, we did a few things around the apartment and thought I'd share. 

 We enjoyed flowers that were given as a gift from the orphanage of Logan & Reni.  I cut them & put them in a vase.  Was a nice touch for the apartment.

We helped each other out.  Got to love suitcase living.

Logan and Reni decided to rearrange their room.  They used toys in the cabinets that were already there.  Let's just say those balls were taken away later.  There is a reason you do not play ball in the house kids.

 Reni, very proud of her new room.

We ate snacks too.  Yeh, this is where I found out they do not like Nutella.

We play parchesi while Summer is asleep.  

We pose for the camera....multiple times.  

We were limited in what we could do but tried to make the best of it.  Really, there are only so many times you can see the same city blocks.  More pictures to come. 

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