Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging out at the apartment (part II)

Not all the pictures were in the last post.  So, thought I'd fill them up here.  These are just pictures of us hanging out and doing various things.  But, gives you an idea of what it was like from day to day. 

 We colored and ate oranges.  And picked up oranges off the carpet.

Warren cooked quite a few meals in his RV kitchen.  

We waited for the phone to ring to go to our next appointment.

We got ready to go out on the town.  Including, our favorite backpack that we had to carry everywhere.  Cute Tinkerbell one.  Got it at a yard sale for .50.  

I'm cute mom, I can go now.  She IS our traveler.  She loves to GO.  

 We cleaned the apartment as well.  Just b/c we are only staying temporarily, doesn't mean it shouldn't be clean.  Plus, you kind of feel guilty when the kids make such a mess somewhere else. 

 We played hairdresser.  Dad, not so sure about this hairdryer thing.

Oooh, I'm lovin' it!  More, please.

That face is not fear but one of pure joy & excitement.  She loved it.  And, of course Reni is one of our camera hogs. 

Even someone drying their hair is new.  they loved this each and every night.

It was so neat to see Summer's expression.  All the kids really enjoyed this time.  It is the simple pleasures these kids treasure.  For Reni, she wanted me to wash her hair.  It occurred that she had never had a mother wash her hair before.  So many firsts.  So many.  Today, I took them to Walmart for the first time.  Reni had to get glasses.  Everything is new to them.  So many new things for them to experience and us to share with them.  But first, I must get through these pics from the past two weeks.  More to come.  Hey, I'm averaging 3 to 4 posts a night.  Not bad. 

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