Friday, November 25, 2011

Flabulous to fabulous

Okay, been awhile since I did one of these posts.  I wonder why.  Sigh.  Lost a few pounds while in Bulgaria but not much.  Shoot, if I were on the Biggest Loser, I would have been voted off that first week w/ pounds lost.  LOL.  Doesn't mean I'm giving up though.  And, I'm not gaining so there's a plus.  I intend to start getting back into the swing of things now that jet lag is gone.   Warren lost 20 lbs while in Bulgaria.  Lucky guy.  He's working on keeping it off which is great.  So, I will get back to these posts and holding myself accountable.  Guess that turkey didn't help yesterday.  Or was it the slice of apple pie?  Hey, I walked after Thanksgiving, does that count?  Seriously though, going to get back to doing what I loved to do before & that is exercise.  So, try not to laugh at me when you see me outside playing soccer w/ the kids, jumping on the trampoline or walking the dogs.  I may not be graceful at first but I am just as determined about losing weight as I was about this adoption.  Never give up.  Never.  Next week will be whether or not I followed my own exercise plan. 

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