Monday, November 28, 2011

First night HOME

Left off w/ them going upstairs to their new rooms.  The three girls share a room.  That would be Alyona, Reni and Summer.  Yana and Irina have a room downstairs each to themselves. 

Summer, getting acquainted w/ her new baby dolls.  At this point, we did not want to even attempt a bath for the new kids.  Just too  much all at once.  New clean pj's on was enough for that evening and trying to wind them down. 

 Ahh, the bed no one sleeps on.  Don't ask.  Summer and Reni playing w/ the baby dolls a bit. 

We wanted to capture every facial expression as best we could.  

 Though Alyona was not in the shot, she was right there with them.  Wanting to play w/ them so badly.  Two nervous little girls experiencing everything new in the room.  It was almost too much.  Almost.  They are girls you know. 

 Love that shirt.  This was one very tired little girl.  Barely could keep her eyes open but those baby dolls were calling her name. 

 Yeh, not too traumatized by the dog, huh?  He did sleep on the top bunk though. 

Logan, getting ready to settle in for the night.

All went to bed that first evening w/out too much of an issue.  They were really simply dead beat tired.  We knew the next day would be critical.  A very critical turning point for us all.  More on what we did and why we had to go somewhere.  I hope folks do not mind me being brutally honest in these posts.  I feel it's important for people in the adoption process.  Years ago when we first adopted Irina and Max, all I ever heard were the cake & roses stories and have everything was hunky dory.  Made me feel like such a failure as a parent as I never knew these things were actually normal w/ older kids when adopting.  No one ever put it out there. They only told the after part once the kids were better.  That does not do any good for prospective adoptive parents in knowing what to honestly expect.  I will tell you what to expect but more than that, a few posts later, I will tell you how we handle these big transitions.  Honestly, right now I wish my boys were NOT getting along so well b/c they have now figured out how to do the all for one deal.  URGHH!!!  Last night, Max, Logan, Alex and Bojan were all doing punishment chores.  Laughing the whole time together.  Nice one boys.  Much more to come. 


  1. Great to hear the honest truth. I'm getting ready to go on my first trip to meet my 11 year have really given me some things to think about.

  2. I have loved your honesty! So glad that you guys are home!