Sunday, November 20, 2011

First dinner out w/ the kids

After a long day for me on Friday, and a long day for Warren, we decided to go out for dinner.  I needed out of that apartment. 

Summer, not so sure about this new sibling thing.  Who are these people is what must be crossing her mind at this point.  BTW, she LOVES this hat.  

Two very relieved parents to finally have our kiddos yet two very, very tired parents from the past few days of travel.

Reni and Summer.  Summer, slowly starting to find that smile again.

 I just think they are really cute sisters in this picture.  Such beautiful brown eyes.  Just beautiful kids in my opinion.

Hmm, this big brother thing must not be too bad.  That sausage is SO good.  Logan is helping Summer cut up her food.  Summer will eat just about anything you put in front of her.  Logan will eat his and then some.

 Reni after her first shower at the apartment.  She was seeing what toys they had to play with in the apartment 

Pizza Roma.  Such a great restaurant not far from the apartment.  In addition, the staff is very accomodating to Americans and chatting w/ the kids.  We loved this place & it was reasonably priced.  When you can get a huge salad to fillyou up for about 2 dollars, you do it.  We didn't eat out all the time but we did eat here a few times.  Pizza is great too.  

Hope you're enjoying the pictures.  Wished I could have posted over there.  Better late than never though.  Aren't they just gorgeous kids?!  All our kids have brown eyes except for Alex.  Just a little tidbit.  Many more pics to come.  Must figure out dinner though.  In our jetlagged state, we forgot to thaw meat out last night for dinner this evening.  Oh well.  It happens.  Might run to the store for pasta and do simple spaghetti.  Who knows.  Just happy to eat together as a family. 

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  1. Gorgeous? Yes!!!!!
    I want to know what agency you used, etc.
    Amy Rankin