Thursday, November 17, 2011

DAY 9-- Groundhog day

Yes, it's beginning to feel like it for sure.  We've been here over a week and are truly ready to go home.  Like any place int he world, nice to visit but you just don't want live there.  We got up.  Yet again, Reni was holding out for pizza for breakfast.  No, we didn't have pizza for breakfast.  Normal breakfast food. Then, we headed out w/ friends to walk around the city and see the changing of the guards and find the underground souvenier mall. 

Well, got started late and missed the on the hour changing of the guard.  So, headed underground.  Very neat place really.  We did not last long under there kids were rowdy.  There was a huge protest going on above.  Stayed far away yet my son thought he should attempt to yell at the protesters!  Umm, no sir.  Not a good idea, especially, since I had no idea what they were protesting about.  Later found out it was about drilling for natural gas in north east Bulgaria.  Headed over to where the guards were.  Neat ruins inside.  We explored a bit.  Warren, Logan and Reni got to see the changing of the guards.  They said it wasn't that great.  We didn't miss much.  Still, something different to see. 

Walked back and had lunch.  Summer refused a nap today.  Cranky little girl.  Had to go to the embassy later for the visa interview for the kids.  It is the last piece needed in order to go home. Nothing major there.  It's pretty straight forward.  Found it interesting though that we were never asked for our passports.  We were asked to bring them but that was it.  Of course, speaking only English, we pretty much "look American."  LOL.  You can't take anything w/ you in there.  No electronics whatsoever.  Understandable. 

Came back to the apartment and made them some soup and rice.  Pizza girl didn't want any of course.  LOL.  I swear Reni could live off pizza the rest of her life if you'd let her.  We love pizza too but not for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  It was a really quiet day and not too much went on.  Good to have those days every once in awhile.  These have got to be the cleanest orphanage kids we have ever adopted.  Hands down.  They want to take baths at least 2 times a day.  Want to wipe their hands after every bite.  Want to windex everything in sight.  This all sounds good but trust me, it's not as much help as you think it is.  Try Irina magnified.  Those who know Irina know what I mean.  IRina has severe OCD & even takes medication for it.  These guys don't have OCD but have just been taught cleanliness.  Which is good.  My other kids did things similar.  Now at home, I have trouble getting the boys to take a bath.  Here, I have one that will take a bath for all four of them!  Balance.  We'll have to find balance.  Sorry but not enough hot water at home for everyone to get 2 showers a day. 

Bed time was rough.  Summer goes down fine.  It's the sibs that want to goof off at night till 1am.  Just makes for a late night.  So, all in all, a pretty quiet day.  Tomorrow is our last day here.  We are very ready.  More to come.  Trying to catch up on some posts.  There w  ill be TONS of pictures this weekend as we'll be able to load them up.  Wait till you see these cuties!  Stay tuned.

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