Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DAY 8-- definition of priceless

Today was called a "free" day.  However, with kids, there is nothing free about it.  We decided to play it lazy today and just do what came up.  So, we lounged around in our pj's all morning.  Well, that was until we got a phone call.  We got a phone call telling us to let housekeeping in around 12:15.  Mind you, it was like 11:35 in the morning.  So, running full power to get all of us ready to leave the apartment.  Now, those who know us w/ the 7 at home, know we're always, always late for everything.  And I do mean everything.  Don't know why we can't get our act together but we just can't.  Someone forgets a shoe, someone forgets to go to the bathroom, jackets inside, you name it.  We're just plain late.  So I consider today a big accomplishment for us procrastinators.  We were ready.  What happened?  They didn't show up till after 1pm.  LOL. 

We left and walked around the block.  Decided to stop at Pizza Roma.  Logan got a platter big enough to feed a horse.  And, he ate the rest of my salad.  Great appetite to say the least.  During our walk, we stopped off and picked up gloves from a street vendor.  Nothing expensive whatsoever.  We didn't bring any and we've been walking around a lot w/ cold hands.  Let the kids pick theirs out as all the same price.  I brought jackets & hats for them all but no gloves.  Yeh, not going for mother of the year anyhow.  Hey, I checked the weather.  No snow at our house, we don't wear gloves.  Shoot, my kids don't wear gloves even when it snows b/c they think it messes up their snow balls.  LOL.  After lunch, came back and put Summer down for her nap. 

Bit later, friends came over.  I know it sounds odd to say that when you're in Bulgaria but this really is like a big camp ground where you meet and greet people.  Just no tents.  We walked around and even found a little park for the kids to play on.  Was pleasant to walk and great to talk to others w/ the same experiences.  Back to the apartment for dinner.  Made the kids hot dogs per request & Warren cooked us rice & chicken.  Which conveniently the kids ate too.  Got to love it.  Warren is tired of cooking on what he calls his RV stove.  Let the kids play games on the computer they have at the apartment. 

We are doing okay.  Day by day.  It is a learning process for all.  I will explain more in detail what I mean by that when I get home.  We've adopted all older kids for the last 12 years and I plan to share my experiences so that others can know what to expect with older children.  It is a much different experience for them than a baby leaving.  Even a toddler.  We've adopted 4 at toddler age out of the 10.  Just too much to write for now & well, we do have three kids here to take care of.  Blogging is not priority.  Hence,the slacking lately of blog posts.  Kids are adjusting...slowly.  Biggest change we've seen is in Summer and it is so wonderful to watch.  The definition of priceless:  Dancing with your baby girl to Christmas music (Mary's boy child) while she's holding on tight & giggling.  All while in an apartment in Bulgaria.  You just can't get much better than that.  That was what she did w/ me today.  Summer is sound asleep right now.  Her "collection" is growing and it is hilarious.  She has to carry it everywhere w/her.  I promise a picture review once home.  Stinks b/c we cna't load them.  So many good shots.  Okay,capturing the moment shots.  Not so good as I stink at taking pictures. 

Tomorrow we have our embassy interview.  That is our last puzzle piece needed before coming home.  Yes folks, we are getting oh so much closer.  Feels so nice.  We are taking the kids to see changing of the guards.  I think they will get a kick out of that.  In addition, walking around and seeing some sites.  Our interview isn't till the afternoon so we have plenty of time to see things.  In addition, it gets the kids out and exercised and not stuck in an apartment all day long.  Plus, I want them to see some of where they came from.  Tomorrow night, we'll cook some soup & toasted cheese I think.  Thursday is the day before we leave.  We may just have to go out one last time.  It is a "free" day as well.  Sorry but watching three kids there is no free about it.  You are constantly in motion.  My free days at home (insert laughter here) would consist of a nap at the very least.  Anyhow, going to the zoo on Thursday & really excited about that.  Want to wear the kids out.  If I can get them super tired the day before, maybe, just maybe they'll sleep on the plane.  Yeh, wishful thinking, I know.  Hey, I have to at least give it a shot, right?  Much more to come tomorrow. 

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