Monday, November 14, 2011

DAY 7-- what we miss

When you get to be a week into one of these adoption trips, you start missing little things at home here and there.  A few things come to mind.  Thought I'd list a few. 

1.  The kids at home (obvious one)
2.  English
3.  Smooth streets
4.  A washing machine that fits more than 5 pieces of clothing. 
5.  A dryer to go w/ that washing machine
6.  A roach free kitchen (hate cooking w/ those buggers)
7.  Burgers on the grill at home
8.  My show Castle
9.  Not living out of a suitcase
10. Drinking water from teh tap
11. Paying in dollars so I know what I paid
12. Parking spaces (they park anywhere here)
13. My dogs
14. My bed
15. Milk.  I want 2 gallons when I get home.  LOL.
16. Garbage bags bigger than a mini can.

So many more things.  Basically, you start really missing the little pieces that make home home.  We are almost finished w/ DAY 7.  Not long now and we'll be flying out of here.  Yes, I will miss some things about the culture and country here for sure.  People are wonderful here.  But sitting at my own table, looking at my whole family & drinking my big glass of milk just seems priceless to me right now. 

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  1. Oh I made a similar list including coffee and just a ham sandwich. The time is almost over hold on!