Monday, November 14, 2011

DAY 7--hot hospitals, pb & j & a chocolate surprise

Woke up & was refreshing knowing today is day 7 and that we are leaving this week!  Very excited about that.  We had to go get passports this morning for the kids.  That took a bit of time.  Very hard to keep 3 kids still in a crowded place.  And of course, if we go somewhere someone inevitably needs to use the bathroom...just like home.  Despite me telling them to go before we leave here.  I do believe the bathroom doubled as a smoking lounge of sorts.    As an American non-smoker, it is so hard to go to a smokey room.  Finished up & went to the apartment for lunch. 

Made PBJ sandwiches & those were a hit.  And, even had chips to go w/ it.  Bigger hit.  Played with the kids some and waited for our call to go to the medical exams.  All part of the process of exiting this country & entering the US.  Certain rules you must follow.  Waiting in the medical building was hard.  Think about it, 3 kids, nothing to do but stand there.  However, for some reason this brought out a totally different side of Summer that we had never seen!  It was awesome to watch her giggle & play around w/ me.  Yes, with me.  I can tell you now when we get home all her brothers and sisters will spoil her rotten from loving her so much.  She is just that dog gone cute!  Lights up a room for sure.  After waiting for so long, we decided to take them outside for a short walk.  Medical clinic must have been like 85 degrees inside.  Remember, I'm always cold.  I was sweating in there.  Quick checkup by the doc.  Super nice doctor btw.  And clean place.  Really clean.  The Russian clinics seemed so dirty.  Nice to see the health care places here are very clean.  Have to tell you something when they were talking about Reni's name.  Saying American names are strange and such.  They looked perplexed when the doc said it means flame in America.  I can't speak Bulgarian but can understand more than people think.  So, I spoke up and said it's not pronounced fire.  LOL.  I didn't want them thinking we were naming her fire.

Left the clinic and got back about 7.  We were all hungry so I made spaghetti & bread for dinner.  They ate it up.  We all did.  Topped it off w/ soda.  Gave baths and all of us watched Disney's Kick Buttowski in Bulgarian.  All of us laughing our butts off.  For various reasons, I'm sure.  Reni & Logan love it when you dry their hair.  Surprisingly, Mr. Sauve takes longer.  LOL.  We were all very tired so just mellowed out some.  Summer was dead beat tired.  Now, Warren & I are catching up on emails and such.  First night since the kids actually went to bed w/out a huge fuss.  Love it!  Tomorrow is a free day here so not sure what we're doing.  Hoping to meet up w/ more families later this week.  Only 4 days left!  Missing our kids at home terribly.  And my milk.  Oh, before I forget, Warren was helping clean up.  He decided to clean up the chocolate on the floor.  Picked it up only to realize it was a big piece that had dropped out of the diaper.  Poor guy.  We're all doing okay and finding our new normal. 

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  1. Chris asked if you could swing by the courthouse while you are there and help speed things along. :)