Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 6--Walking w/ kids (for real this time!)

Today was Sunday here.  Last night we had the privilege to finally meet a cyber friend in person along w/ their son.  They had just gotten off the plane.  Brave.  I look like a drowned rat after a long flight & they looked wonderful.  Must get secrets to that next time.  Kids and us had dinner at home last evening.  We can't afford to eat out every single meal w/ five of us here.  Plus, we don't want the new kids to think we go to restaurants at home all the time as we don't.  Summer went to bed quickly.  Tired little girl. 

We woke up this morning and went with friends to attempt to explore the city and find some supplies. We were able to go with friends we've met during this adoption process.  Wonderful when you can meet up.  Took our kids & thier son for a l-o-n-g walk through the streets of Sofia.  And...we all survived!  Trust me, there were times we were questioning whether we would or not.  Saw some great buildings and churches.  First, let's back up though.  Breakfast.  Oh boy oh boy.  See, many times when you adopt older children they are told stories before they leave the orphanage from buddies and such.  Apparently, ours may have been told they could get whatever they wanted when they wanted.  LOL.  We made eggs and toast for breakfast. Grapes too if they wanted and juice to drink.  They sat down and requested pizza and soda for breakfast.  Sorry, not on the menu today kids.  Told them they'd be hungry later if they didn't eat breakfast.  Trust me, they understand the word hungry as they say it all the time to see if they can get chocolate from me.  I can speak basic Bulgarian phrases to them and then we translate to English at the same time.  Catching on quickly.  And, using sign.  Logan tried to sneak on the balcony to get soda.  Yes, it's colder out there than in the refridgerator.  You have to get creative when staying in other places.  Remember, we have 2 fridges at home (American size fridges) and a chest freezer. 

After not eating breakfast, they got ready.  Hey, pizza was not on the menu.  They were holding out.  Kept telling them we are not having pizza today.  I don't think they believed me.  Again, it's a learning process and will take time.  This is NOT a language issue at all but rather a kid being kid issue trying to get what they want.  After 10 kids, I think I got that one figured out by now.  Getting ready was another issue.  I have never seen a boy love his hair so much.  Not kidding.  Hey, he already has better  hygiene than some of the boys at home so we're halfway there.  He shampoos his hair twice and spends longer on his hair then my 3 girls combined at home.  And 2 of those are teens!  It's nuts.  Cute but nuts at the same time.  Joked w/ him & said we could shave his hair and he said no.  Oh, and he uses shampoo throughout the day as mousse.  Cracks me up.  Same token, I can't waste all that shampoo at home either.  Once Mr. Sauve was ready, we headed out and met our friends. 

We walked quite a bit all over Sofia.  It really was so pleasant out and great all the kids could enjoy it.  Beautiful cathedrals here and such.   Some great architecture too.  Had lunch at Subway.  Sometimes something familiar from home feels really, really good.  Again, kids not happy b/c it wasn't pizza.  I swear they'd live off pizza the rest of their lives if they could.  Though Summer will literally eat anything.  Awesome eater.  Despite it not being pizza, they ate the subs.  Well, Reni just kind of picked at hers.  Best part was, on the way home, we found...the super market.  the big one!  You have no idea how important this was.  Getting tired of having no supplies.  So, dropped the guys off, and Reni & I and our friend headed out to the market.  I wished we'd taken pictures b/c it really was a riot trying to cram all that stuff in two bags, a backpack and a huge pack of diapers.  Yes, I need diapers and more on that in another post.  Reni was a big help except she had no concept of all glass jars can't be together.  I was expecting spaghetti sauce all over my bag but it was okay.  Walked home lugging all this stuff.  Got a good way home and Reni trips (vision is bad) on the sidewalk.  She was okay, just then didn't want to carry.  So, I have 2 bags, a large pack of diapers, a very heavy backpack and paper towels all while trying to hold Reni up b/c she is limping.  I was exhausted.  Reni, gets the door, after limping mind you, and runs into the apartment.  I knew it would happen, still drives me crazy though.  Unloaded groceries. 

Rested a bit and then it was off to dinner w/ two other couples.  Pleasant dinner. we're all here on our second trip so was nice to meet up and get to know new people.  One was a first time adopting couple yet had many children at home like us already.  One couple was a second time adopting family.  Nice food and my kids were okay.  Well, except for being mad.  Why do you ask?  Why b/c we were ordering pizza & they did not want pizza.  Yeh, the same kids who asked for pizza literally all day long.  Can't win for losing.  LOL.  Yet, they ate 2 large pizzas and two orders of fries.  Warren and I had salads.  Delicious salads here folks and so many to choose from.  Super nice.  Left the restaurant.  On the way out, Reni tripped.  She has eye issues and has depth perception issues.  This was no surprise to us as we met her in June and knew.  She goes to our strabismus and opthalmologist specialist on Monday once home.  It is our first appointment.  Yes, we feel it is very important to get her eyes checked out and fixed.  In addition, Alyona has this as well so not new to us at all even at this age.  She used to wear glasses at her orphanage so sure she'll wear them again come Monday. 

Now, got home and got kids bathed. Then it was bed time.  Summer literally reached for her bed.  She was that tired.  Warren and I stayed up and cleaned up.  Kids at home had fun.  Our sitter took them to an event where they got to shoot b-b guns and rock climb.  They all had a great time.  We are more than half way done w/ our trip.  Wahoo!!!  Again, nice people here but I miss my home.  More to come tomorrow.  Trying to catch up w/ the blog posts.  Kids were real troopers today going all over the city.  Stay tuned for Day 7.  We have taken great pictures just have no way of loading them right now.  Have to wait till we get home. 

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  1. I am literally loling at this recap of our day.