Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 5-- Going exploring in the city

I know I owe you all a ton of posts but have to start & stop w/ 3 new kids.  Kids take priority, blog does not.  LOL.  I'm sure you understand.  Many things happening here.  It is our temporary "chaos manor."  For those new, that is the nickname of our house at home in America.  Last night, all went to bed.  Well, Summer w/ resistance but that is to be expected.  It is a lot of change for a new little girl to take in. Fortunately, she already  has one wonderful big sister that tries to comfort her.  We all do.  The great thing is that the older kids do understand. 

Today, Warren made us all eggs and toast for breakfast.  Surprisingly, Little Bit ate more than the rest of them!  Logan informed us he does not like eggs.  Then, proceeded to coat the toast w/ pepper.  Yuck.  Hey, I don't care what they do to  it as long as they eat it.  Interesting to watch their eating habits and just habits in general.  I do believe Logan knows every single song on the radio and tv.  Not kidding.  It is also clear that no matter what age they are adopted, children long to be children and long to be loved.  It's simple things.  Last night, I thought Reni was going to get a shower in the bathroom.  She was.  However, she wanted me to wash her hair.  It dawned on me that even though she's perfectly capable, she hasn't had a mother to wash her hair all these years.  BTW, she has gorgeous thick hair.  Her sisters at home are going to love doing her hair.  And Logan wanted something just as simple.  He wanted me to cut his nails on his hands.  Again, something he can easily do himself.  I did and teased him  that we could paint them like a girl instead.  He loves to joke around too so we both just laughed.  This kid is a combination of personalities.  He really is going to fit right in at home once language is acquired.  I can see all the boys telling jokes and everything else.  I can see Alex and him playing soccer.  Reni and Alyona will be best buds in no time flat.  Amazing how all the kids we adopt seem to be meant for this family. 

Right now, we've been cleaning up the apartment a bit and just relaxing.  Heading out into the city in a bit to explore.  Would love to find a park.  Tried to look them up on line but only came up w/ a few that we'd have to take a taxi to.  Not sure we want to do that.  We'll see.  Going to find a Bulgarian English dictionary for sure.  Though Logan does know quite a bit. 

We are getting to know each other as a family.  This process starts all over again when we get home and have to all mesh again.  But for now, enjoying getting to know each other for sure.  Praying everyone stays healthy.  Looks like Logan may have an abcessed tooth.  We'll take care of it once home.  Yana's mouth was the same way & we have a wonderful team of dentists that know how to handle the kids.  All health issues are to be addressed the first week home.  Fortunately, the places these children came from took great care of them and they were well fed.  I don't expect a lot of  surprise issues like we've had w/ our past children.  Still, they already have appointments made for the first three days home to get a clear bill of health & make sure shots are up to date.  Great news is it looks like we have received very thorough medical records which will help.  We also were given plenty of Logan's medication so very thankful to the doctors here for doing that.  Praying we have no issues in customs since there is no script with it.  If anyone has any knowledge on the rules for this, let us know.  We do have his medical records and I assume that would be enough.  However, I know port of entry laws can be tough.  Knowledge, pass it on please. 

I will try to catch up on the last few posts.  And of  course tell you how they're all doing.  It is day 5.  This is the point I think that you are excited to be here yet starting to really, really miss home.  I miss my dogs jumping up on us in the morning despite saying I hate it at home.  I miss Nik coming in the bed every morning and giving me a hug & a kiss and wanting to snuggle up.  I can't say I miss the teens trying to sneak around some rules.  LOL.  Miss Max leaving his sketches all over the house.  It's the little things you miss.  It really is.  I know come Monday, we will be itching to go home.  We don't leave till Friday.  It seems so far.  this is when you do wish time would fly.  Though I really do enjoy this city, I love home as well.  We have found the people to be very friendly in Bulgaria and willing to help. 

I will let you know how our adventure in the city goes.  We are going to find a supermarket.  There is one really close but it is small and limited in supplies.  All things considered, we're doing well.  Everyone is learning.  More to come from the city. 

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  1. So excited to hear of your trip. You know that no pics is killing us :) we traveled with powdered meds wrapped in little squares of paper with the dosage written on a paper pizza shop sack and other bottles of pills, unidentified--all in our carry on, no questions asked. Didn't even think about it. Having paperwork and seeing your situation, I would think it will be just fine. Looking forward to hearing more.