Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4-- Another Gotcha Day!

I know I still owe day 3.  But, I must take care of the kids so blogging is definitely not a priority.  The kids are and getting them transitioned into routine here.  Today is day 4.  Warren just called me and is on the way back to Sofia w/ Reni and Logan.  Today he went to bring them home from the orphanage.  Aka...gotcha day!  There were tears shed but he said normal tears such as we had with Yana's orphanage.  The kids sounded so excited in the car.  Can't wait to see them.  I really have missed those two. 

I have been at home today w/ Summer.  Oh before I forget, sorry no pictures but Warren forgot the piece that plugs in to upload the pictures.  We'll have to wait till we get home.  Reason we didn't go w/ Warren is the people here that organize all this thought it best if she wasn't in the car for another long car ride.  Great suggestion b/c truly, it would have been too much for her.  Right now, she's napping.  Everything is very new to her and when you have a child that has been in an orphanage, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings, new sounds, new people.  Been trying to comfort her today and play with her.  She is sweet as sweet can be but oh so nervous. Again, for those new, this can be a normal reaction.  You have to delicately work through it.  Tonight should help quite a bit b/c she'll be surrounded by her language once again w/ Reni and Logan.  Summer will be fine.  This is such a big change for a little girl.  Best thing for her is she knows that she is very loved.  And that, we can easily do. 

Now, the apartment is big like I said and love it.  The only problem we really had was the roaches in the kitchen but took care of that w/ some spray under the sink.  Apparently, someone else had stayed here too & suggested the spray,..thank you!  Trust me, hard to cook if you have a critter crossing your counter.  LOL.  So, we went out to eat w/ Summer last night.  She was very nervous but did just fine. She has the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes. Love them. 

Tonight, we took all the kids out b/c it was so, so late to cook.  Went to Pizza Roma as suggested by other adoptive families that come here.  Delicious!  Hit the spot.  And the best part was seeing the 3 of them together.  It really was wonderful.  They belong together.  They do.  More to come tomorrow.  Need to get going.  We're out numbered!  Wait, we already are

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  1. Yeah great big apartment and great location but the critters as you put it were everywhere in the kitchen especially at night. Glad my advice helped. I hope you all had good flights and I am excited to read about how things go once back at home. All I say to myself is wow 10 kids.