Saturday, November 19, 2011

DAY 11-- Engleeski??? (the trip home--OY!)

Oh my oh my do I have a ton to say.  Over the next few days, I will be recounting our trip w/ honesty.  I will admit, this blog has been cakes and roses.  our trip was NOT cake & roses and I want others to understand this.  Especially, those adopting older children.  I will explain what exactly happened, why it happened and more importantly, how we as parents handled it.  I first want to explain our trip home.  Aka...the trip from you know where.  LOL.  In all honesty, we needed three adults per these 3 kids.  I know you are thinking but you have 7 at home.  Why?  Well, mainly b/c it was like trying to herd cats or catch a greased pig.  When you have everyone from airport passengers to airport personel to security telling you "boy, do you have your hands full!"  or "boy, those are really active kids."  Then you know, something is happening.  We were told this everywhere.  Thank goodness many took pity on us. 

Okay, let's back up to the night before.  Logan was giving us a very difficult time.  So, we separated him from Reni & put Summer in w/ Reni.  They were going to sleep.  Logan was not.  Not a bit.  So, he decided to avoid sleep even longer.  How you ask?  Why by pulling a tooth that was totally not ready to be pulled.  So, it bled....for 2 hours.  Night before the big flying out trip.  URGHH!!!  Of course then the girls wanted to get up and see it.  They finally all got to bed at midnight.  Had to be up at 4am.  Do you think they all were cooperative when getting up after only 4 hours of sleep?  NOPE.  So, made for a fun morning.

Made it to the airport.  And we have trouble on the tarmac.  On the plane ready to go and the announcement comes on.  Trouble w/ the left engine, we're leaking oil.  Now, normally I wouldn't be worried but you know our next stop was the transatlantic that we MUST catch or we'd be stuck in Deutschland.  Don't get me wrong, I used to live there for 3 years and love the country.  But at this point, home is all I wanted and longed for.  Once the mechanical issue was figured out, an hour later, we were off.  I asked the stewardess and she said if necessary, they do a direct transfer to the plane for us.  Relief.  Didn't need that though as we forgot about the hour time change between Bulgaria & Germany.  We got to Munich.  Had about an hour and a half before we had to board.  Warren took Logan to the bathroom.  Can't let him go anywhere alone & more on that later.  Well, even in the bathroom you can find something to do other than use the toilet.  Like say crawl under every stall before dad can catch you & lock ALL the stalls in the airport bathroom from the inside.  That was not one happy dad when they came out of that bathroom.  LOL.  Kids were all over the place. You know it must be bad when the people are all wondering if we are on their flight.  Yes, I said that out loud in the airport.  Met another couple that had just adopted 2 Ukrainian older boys.  Who were quietly sitting in their seats.  Mine were all over out of control.  It was horrible!  This is where Logan decides he should bolt.  I told Warren to let him go as they could stop him at passport control.  We weren't sitting far from the passport people.  Instead, I ask the couple who JUST met us to keep an eye on the girls while I help Warren corner Logan.  Yeh, we looked like we hadn't done this before.  I have dealt w/ RAD, FAS, PTSD, ODD, ADHD, and a whole other list of acronyms.  However, if you are in another country, you are unable to parent as you would at home.  It is not really possible.  Again, I will explain all in detail in the next few posts as adopting older children is challenging at times.  Anyhow, we actually made it onto the plane to cross the Atlantic.

Did the kids sleep?  Warren sat w/Logan.  I sat w/ the girls.  Neither of us had it easy.   Anyone ever try & change a diaper in those tiny airplane bathrooms?  Now that takes talent!  I would have taken a picture but there was no room for a camera.  LOL.  Bad enough I banged my daughter's head when trying to lay her down.  She was squirming and there was a slanted ceiling.  She thought it was funny.  Reni of course has some major urological issues going on.  So, that means going the bathroom every few minutes.  Thank goodness no one was sitting by her.  One guy passed me & said " Your daughter left the door open again."  URGHH!!!  Yes, she uses the restroom(even on the plane) w/ the door wide open for the world to see.  Got to love it.  It was a very long flight.  I think 9.5 hours.  I felt like a kid asking the stewardesses every few seconds, "are we almost there yet?"  See, on the way over to Bulgaria, I left my only watch on the airplane.  Totally bummed.  So, asked everyone what time it was the whole time.

Many other things happened on the plane but I won't recount them all.  Landed and it was off to customs/ immigration stuff.  We landed in Dulles.  You go through passport control/ immigration & hand them your unopened packet.  LONG line and I know my son was saying some not so nice things to people.  Thankfully, no one understood.  See, Logan spent the entire time trying to find someone who spoke Bulgarian.  I had told him the whole time that once we reach Germany no one would speak Bulgarian.  he didn't believe me, kept telling me no.  He learned quickly there was only English here and that his words of putting people down and saying not so nice things had no meaning to people here.  Again, I will have more on this later in a post and explain the why of it all.  Just know, it became eye opening for him there. 

Now, as exhausted as we all were in Dulles, somehow, some way, they found energy.  And lots of it.  Now, you know we have a huge line to go through after you land.  Then, you are ushered into yet another long line to wait for security after you put the luggage back on the conveyer belt.  Okay, so in the second line waiting for security, Summer decides that the red box was just way too tempting.  And I'm not talking about the movie rental.  The man behind me in line and myself literally jumped at Summer grabbing her arms screaming no.  Why?  B/c my dear child would have shut down Dulles in a heart beat w/ the pulling of the FIRE ALARM!  Crisis averted.  TSA guy told us we didn't have to take off the kids' shoes now.  Good.  Trouble was then Logan refused to give up his jacket.  Warren practically had to wrestle the jacket off of him.  Yet, he took his shoes off.  Go figure.  Then Summer was upset b/c we took away her precious back pack to go through the scanner.  Oy.  I think the whole line thought she was hurt or something.  Then laughing when she got it back out the other side.  Nice one kiddo.  Nice.  Now, by this time I'm literally sweating bullets.  Remember, I have no sneakers left due to the puppies eating them.  In addition, I wore snow boots...fur lined.  I actually enjoyed taking off my shoes through security & was secretly hoping those suckers would be confiscated. 

Went to find our gate.  It had changed.  No biggie.  Decided all of us needed to use the restroom.  Asked Warren if he was okay so I could run in & run out.  I came out to find him spread eagle w/ one kid one end of his arm, one kid on the other and another behind him.  I said what in the world happened?  I was in & out in not more than 2 minutes.  Apparently, in the middle of the Dulles Airport, Reni & Logan decided it was time for a good old fashion wrestling match between sibs and decided to take each other out!  Right then & there.  Separated them.  Went to Wendy's as we were all starving.  Thankfully, a friend gave us a financial blessing before we left for this trip.  Wendy's at the airport is more expensive than any Wendy's I know.  Got the kids chicken nuggets & french fries.  Didn't eat them.  URGHH!!!  I ate a chicken sandwich.  All of us drank something.  The air coming across the Atlantic in that plane was so dog gone dry.  Anyhow, go back to our gate. 

find others at the gate going to RDU.  One was from the flight from Munich.  Let's just say they got to see all the chaos.  Her and her husband had so much pity on us at that point offered to get Warren Starbucks.  LOL.  Sweet of them.  Summer lit up the crowd yet again.  Geez, that kid.  Everyone loves her hat.  I finally started to feel sick.  Maybe it was from all the dramine in my system.  I'm not a great traveler. 

It was time for us to be called to board.  My poor kids were asking at every airport if it was America.  No kids, America is more than an airport.  Okay, we tell the people at the gate about our tickets.  Then it begins.  I'm tired.  I will finish this in a bit AND have pictures I promise.  Been a long day & will explain that as well.  Much more to come for part II here.

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