Thursday, November 17, 2011

DAY 10--sweeping a couch, spongebob, & apartment envy

Today, we all slept in a bit more than usual.  Okay, so not what I'd consider sleeping in.  Original plans were to go to the zoo but that didn't happen for various reasons.  I was actually looking forward to it.  So, we cooked eggs, toast, grapes and salami for breakfast.  Then, headed off w/ another couple to walk down Victosha, the main boulevard here.  Nice shops.  Can't go in w/ the three kids we have with us.  It's all too new & shiny as Warren puts it.  They want to touch everything in site.  So, walked and came to an open park we went to a bit.  It would have been gorgeous in the summer as it has many fountains.  None now.  Oh, the city is bustling w/ Christmas window displays and they started hanging up lights and decorations all over.  It is really pretty & bet even more so in the evening. 

On the way back we all stopped off a little sidewalk stand that sells pitas.  They weren't too expensive.  It cost us about $12 for 5 of us to get one of those and a bottle of water each.  Not bad.  One thing I see us working on is respect for disabilities when we get home.  Of course, I have a feeling some of my kids will be able to teach him that just fine.  It is evident that he was never given guidance on how to treat others with disabilities.  Logan will make a face and say things to people in wheelchairs or w/ canes or limps, etc.  Surprisingly, Bojan did the same thing.  I will never forget the look Bojan gave a man in a wheelchair in the zoo after we were first home.  You'd think that someone also w/ a disability would not do this.  Again, usually this is taught by parents and if you do not have parents to teach you, it will be difficult to learn.  So, we will be giving this lesson of respect once again.  Just hurts to see when you witness it. 

Came back to the apartment and put Summer for a nap.  Awhile later I hear something. Go in there and that sneaky one turned on the tv and was watching billards.  Nap over.  We managed to find Sponge Bob on tv.  Yeh for Spongebob in any language. 

We've had a few hours to kill since then and have done some packing and cleaning up.  The kids took it upon themselves to start cleaning up.  I was really proud of them.  Never asked them anything.  They just started helping.  Trouble was, they wouldn't stop.  Went through 3 rolls of paper towels.  And probably at least half a bottle of windex.  It was a frist for me to see kids sweep the couch. 

All are excited about tomorrow.  I know they have no idea just how long the travel is or how tired they'll be.  So, I let them be excited & happy.  They can yell at me when I wake them at 4am.  LOL.  Praying for an uneventful trip.  Really, I need not an ounce more of drama. 

We are waiting for our visas now & then we are getting take out & heading over to our friends' apartment for dinner and conversation.  Giving them all baths this evening and hoping to get them to bed.  It is time to go home.  It is time for a routine.  These children are used to a strict routine at an orphanage.  We have upset that routine and go day by day.  It will be nice to get into a routine and settle into life.  This coming week is Thanksgiving.  We have oh so much to be thankful for.  Our new life, our new journey is beginning tomorrow.  We will be traveling all day.  I will post again on Saturday.  There will be tons of pictures to view.  I can not wait to share our entire experience with you.  Our adoption journeys are coming to an end.  It has been an adventure these last twelve years.  We are headed for a new chapter in our lives as a family.  So excited.  So many things I want to do as a family. 

Please think of us tomorrow as we head out and travel with three children.  One is grieving her loss.  This is normal.  I do not know how yet this will affect her travel.  Pray for smooth travel and peaceful minds as I know some of my children will be scared of this experience.  It will not be easy.  I'm not going to sugar coat the travel process.  We have one in diapers and two others wearing Goodnights at night.  Yet,  nothing to take w/ us on the plane.  (no Goodnights here).  I have diapers packed for Summer.  Hoping it will all work out.  Some people at home are helping us out w/ diapers, wipes, and Goodnights once we get home.  All medical appointments we have next week.  Next week is extremely busy. 

My kids at home have been prepared as best as possible for what is about to transpire.  We have done this many times before.  We know how to prepare our kids.  However, there are NO guarantees until you place old and new together and start your life a new.  It takes time to mesh.  Everyone has to find their place in the family.  It takes time.  I will chronicle the adjustment period once home as I feel it is important for future adoptive families to understand it does not really begin until you arrive home.  The real work.  Much more to say and much more to come.  Now, off to dinner w/ friends we've met since here.  Next time you hear from me, it will be on American soil. 

Okay, never finished this one.  Typical of me.  We went to hang out w/ the friends we met here.  Went & picked up Pizza Roma and went to their apartment for dinner.  They even got dessert for us from the local bakery!  SO glad I didn't stay by there.  I would have gained 10 lbs by now!  Really good pasteries.  NOw, I must say, I had some apartment envy going on.  Sad, but true.  Warren calls our kitchen ,the RV kitchen.  2 tiny burner stove, dorm sized fridge, freezer that literally fits 2 ice cube trays and doesn't stay cold.  No dishwasher of course.  Their apartment had a pretty good sized full refridgerator, a dishwasher, a 4 burner stove and even an oven!  Apartment envy for sure.  Not to mention a tub w/ a shower enclosure.  LOL.  Hey, we all consider it part of the adventurue.  Though I can't say I'll miss that part of it.  Even though there are just 5 of us here, cooking was a trick.  But, we did it.  We got to say our goodbyes and will be seeing them next year at the Bulgarian Reunion in Ohio.  Great that all hte kids can get together again.  Great way to end a long stay here.  Have enjoyed our journey but very ready for our next chapter.  I will be honest about the transition period once home.  We've done this before but I know others haven't.  Having people tell what goes on, explaining why it's happening and giving solutions, may be helpful to others coming through the process of adopting older children. Stay tuned as this story is only just beginning.  Pictures will be posted Saturday.  Friday is 19 hours of travel w/ 3 kids.  I know, you all are thinking I'm being punished for some reason.  LOL.  I'm not.  it is the only way home and we are going to make it.  Airport travel and all.  Wish us luck.  Next post will be Saturday.  Our survival guide for travel.  I'm assuming we'll survive travel w/ the 3 musketeers.  See some of you tomorrow! 


  1. Said a Prayer as I drifted off to sleep last night. I was thinking that you guys were probably getting ready to FLY. Praying NOW, that you are all close to being together as a family of 12! I've enjoyed your blog posts and can't wait to see all of your photos. I also said some prayers for your Babies back at home. Hurry up!! Get Home! xxoo Jo

  2. So enjoying your blog! We came home with our daughter in September - had the same apartment, and had to laugh - so true! Hope you and your family are all doing well - happy Thanksgiving!