Friday, November 25, 2011

Brief medical update on new kids

As you know, we went to the ped the other day.  Logan and Reni's labs came back.  Summer's is still not back.  Good & bad news.  So, Reni does not have a UTI.  This is actually what the doc & I were hoping for.  In other words, there is a more complex urological issue going on that we'll have to address w/ a specialist.  So, I will hunt for one on Monday.  One we went to years ago I didn't like.  We will also find her a plastic surgeon for the rocks that may be stuck in her nose from where one of the orphanage boys beat her in the face.  Otherwise, her lab work checked out okay.  Logan's lab work was all okay as well.  Except they determined he is allergic to the sulfur spectrum antibiotics.  It's now noted on his chart.  Septra and bactrim or something like that. 

Now, the TB testing.  Did not go exactly as planned.  Summer's was completely negative.  Reni and Logan was a positive and measured.  They are consulting doc but most likely from here it will be a chest x-ray.  Hopefully, x-ray will be clear and from my understanding, it would end there.  Keep in mind, they are showing absolutely no signs of anything whatsoever so hoping this is some sort of false positive.  See, all my Russian kiddos test positive due to the BCG vaccine.  But, from my understanding, they don't receive the vaccine in Bulgaria.  Not sure but verifying.  Anyone else who has run into a similar situation, please contact me.  Thanks.  Obviously, doc is not too worried as they told me they'd get back to me on Monday w/ what to do.  Hoping they can do the chest x-ray there and not have to go to Wakemed to get it done.  We'll see.  I have heard of quite a few adoptees testing positive but x-rays are clear.  Most likely, that will also be the case here as well.

Nothing else medically has come back.  We'll do the MRI's next week.  Doctors said they all look really healthy which is wonderful to hear.  Keep you posted as the medical stuff progresses.  Also, anyone local w/ a great pediatric plastic surgeon, let me know.  Due to her background, she will need someone w/ a gentle demeanor as well.  More posts to come.  I guess w/ ten kids there is always something to say. 


  1. My little one (home 1/2011 from BG) did receive the BCG....a couple of them actually. She only has one scar though. Hope it's a false positive!

  2. Dr. John van Aalst at UNC is an excellent plastic surgeon! He has done two surgeries on our daughter who has repaired cleft lip/cleft palate. I can't say enough good things about him. He goes beyond the call of duty and sincerely cares about the child. There is an article in today's paper(Raleigh News and Observer) about a 2 1/2 old month baby that was adopted in India that he is helping. We wouldn't use anyone else.