Monday, November 28, 2011

Arriving HOME!

After what seemed like a never ending series of flights, we were on our way home.  Kids were SO tired but not ready to sleep yet.  We pull into the driveway and kids are waiting outside for us.  Had Digby out like we asked them to.  Had Alaska on a leash as we had asked them to and had Kota locked up away in Irina's room.  With 3 dogs and kids terrified of them (remember, pugs on a leash in Bulgaria??), we had to do it this way.  We got out of the car first so that the dogs could greet us and get their excitement out.  Since Alaska is kind of "my" dog, she's was beyond excited to see me & kept jumping up on me and even head butted me.  Now you know why we wanted to greet them first before the new kids.  Digby was barking like mad to see Warren.  "His" dog.  Digby does not jump up on people ever.  I have pictures from this whole event but it was too dark to make out most of us. 

Next step was getting the shrieking children out of the van.  Now, we have had to do this with every single child.  Every single one.  Bojan was the only one who really wasn't afraid of dogs.  Otherwise, all were terrified upon entering the house.  Shoot, Yana almost knocked herself out by running face first into the door at the sight of Bear.  So, best thing to do is go head first.  There is no getting acquainted slowly w/ dogs.  Just no way to do it if they live there.  In addition, it will not traumatize them for life.  Trust me, we have 7 that are living proof of that.  Tears and all, we grab them and head in.  Summer is clawing me like some type of Kupuchan monkey.  Logan has a look of horror on his face.  Irina kept saying I think he got bit.  We said there is no way he got bit as Alaska was free running around outside and Digby was just laying there and has no bottom teeth anyhow to bite.  And, Kota was on the choke chain the entire time.  All of us were 115% positive he was not bit.  And, we were wrong.  Somehow, some way, in the mass of the confusion, Logan got bit on the leg.  (not serious, no stitches or anything of that nature) We don't know if he slip and got into the dog's mouth or how in the world it even happened.  Every single adult in that room was perplexed as physically, this seemed impossible to have happened.  No, did not help the being scared of dog issues one bit.  (update on this all later but let's just say Logan now walks Kota, pets him all the time, and tells him no.)  The bite had to be a total accident as it was as a controlled situation as you could get and the dog was on a choke chain being held by Max.  Meaning, he wasn't going anywhere whatsoever.  Now, he sleeps w/ Kota on the couch when watching tv.  Kisses him all the time so I still think however it happened, it was a total accident.

Once all that was over, the screams continued.  This is normal.  Like I said, we've done it w/ all our other kids.  We sat them all down in the living room w/ people around them to feel safe.  Let Kota out to roam free w/ Alaska.  We were having to get to know each other.  BTW, it looked like kids all grew a foot while we were gone. 

My youngest boy and my youngest girl.  A sight for very sore eyes for sure. 

Looking for comfort for all the changes that took place in the last 30 or so hours.  I didn't mind one bit. 

Alyona getting to know her new sister.  Excuse the no make-up me and swollen eyelids.  After two straight days w/ no sleep, I was indeed worse for wear.

Remember when in Bulgaria Logan challenged Max to arm wrestling when he got home & how he knew he would win?  Well, decided to let him go at it.  First night home and all.  This IS part of healing believe it or not.  Warren and I had discussed our entire plan of action for Logan once home.  His is a serious case & we needed plans in place.  More on it later.  Max asked if he wanted us to let him win.  We said absolutely not but please high five him afterwards and such.  

 Yana, ready to high five him.  This was a very, very vital part of his lesson.  1, he was no longer in charge and two, he was no longer a bully.  He could be himself, the walls were going to crumble.  And crumble hard.  They had to in order for us to get our "true son."  Again, I'll have an entire post on him.  You see though, he's smiling.  This was a big deal that evening.

Yana and the rest of the kids were being explained what they were to do with Logan and when & if they ran into trouble w/ him.  This was a troubled child and our other children needed to be aware.  They were also to be part of the healing process that was to take place.  Trust me, we learned a lot from Yana years ago and what works best w/ older children from orphanages.  You must have a plan in place even before you touch down or it will not work.  Trust me on this one.  

This look says a lot.  He is scared, worried, unsure, insecure, nervous, etc.  Not to mention very tired and probably a sore mouth from that early molar pull the night before.  Someone was to be with him at all times the first few days.  

Reni, looking down at everything going on.  Again, unsure.  Once we were done in the living room, had snacks, drinks (my milk finally), etc. , we then proceeded upstairs w/ them all to help get them acquainted w/ their rooms.  We arrived home at night so it was time to sleep.  Doors upstairs would remained closed that night to help reassure them the dogs would not get them.  Many orphanages in EE tend to tell the kids that the dogs will eat them to keep them away from dogs.  Well, imagine that once they're home and still think that way.  Crazy barking dogs are going to eat me!  Umm, no kids, you'll be playing w/ them w/in days.  So, next post is headed upstairs to their rooms.  We are not parents who dare put kids in our bed.  We feel they need to get into routine from day one.  For us, that includes kids sleeping in their own beds.  Most in orphanages are used to sleeping two to a bed.  If older, they sleep in their own beds but a few kids to a room.  Got to go work on dinner.  Next step of the process...going to bed the first night home.  

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