Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are they getting along??

This is a question I've been asked quite a bit.  Thought I'd share some thoughts and pictures on it.  First off, when adding new children you do expect some type of jealously or sibling rivalry in the beginning.  Same as you would if you birthed a child and added them to the family.  Takes a little time for kids to find their "groove" in the family.  However, I do think since our kids have been through this process before, they have a little bit of advantage of knowing how all this works.  In addition, we include them in the adoption process.  Yes, the ups and downs of it too.  We also put them in the role of teacher when the new kids arrive home.  We tell our youngest that we'll need their help to teach them English, teach them right from wrong, help them know where things are, etc.  Puts them in more of a control role so to speak.  We reiterate right before we leave that the first few weeks home the new kids will indeed receive most of the attention b/c they need it.  We always tell the kids just as we did for you when you came home.  And it is true.  We've done this for all of them. 

We have been home for almost two weeks now.  Wow, does time fly.  Am I saying it has all been beautiful and nice?  Absolutely not.  However, overall it really has been fantastic.  We have had no rages or meltdowns.  Not from the old ones or the new ones.  Took us two days when first home to get Alex back to normal but that was to be expected.  He has trouble w/ major transitions and we had the whole dog thing going on as well.  Alex is fine now.  Though sometimes he gets frustrated b/c he wants them to be able to understand everything he's saying.  That will take time to learn English. 

The teens have done excellent w/ the new additions.  Max has really taken a liking to Summer.  He dances w/ her every single night.  Very cute but needs to stop b/c she'll grow like a weed & be too big.  LOL.  Max is trying to be more of a big brother/teacher to Logan.  That's helpful as well.  Yana has taking a liking to Reni which I thought was very interesting.  Really didn't see that one coming.  Glad but didn't see it coming.  Very protective of her.  Yana doesn't like Logan that much.  That I did indeed expect.  See, Yana doesn't really like most of her brothers to begin with.  She'll tolerate them all but that's about it.  Though her and Bojan do seem to have the tightest bond of all the boys.  Interesting b/c she hated Bojan w/ a passion when he first came home. Irina has been helpful w/ all three of the new ones and really seems to like them all the same.  Bojan is the same way.  Though I can see him and Logan being the jokesters of the group once Logan gains more English. 

Alyona and Reni have become really tight sisters and that's exactly what I expected to happen w/ them.  Alyona tries to be the boss of Summer.  Yeh, expected that too and nipping it in the bud.  Summer is close to everyone really.  Logan and Nik have become very unexpected buddies.  They do everything together.  Though when it comes to the trampoline and soccer, he's side by side w/ Alex.  All three younger boys hang out together too which is wonderful.  though all three are trying to find the best scapegoat for when things go wrong.  Typical boys for sure.  We have had water leaking into our kitchen for days.  Don't ask about that one.  Just know their bathroom is above the kitchen. 

For the most part, they are getting along great.  I mean the new three fit right in  like they'd always been here.  Chores, playing, eating, etc.  They have been here almost two weeks now.  I can honestly say these ten belong together.  So, a few pics to see if they've been getting along together....

This is Summer and Irina posing for the camera.  We were waiting in line to see a local light show.  I'll have a post on that too soon.  Love Irina's rosy cheeks.  Happy girls.  Since Irina started her new school this year, her demeanor has changed.  Immensely.  

I swear my boys do indeed own pajama shirts.  They do.  These five are smirking.  Do you know why?  Here's a hint:

They were all making fun & mocking Alyona b/c she had the punishment chore of vacuuming the stairs.  You can see she's really upset about it.  LOL.  

I really don't even know what they're doing here.  Hey, they're all bathed so I count it a success.  Alex's hand is not dirty.  Summer has a big birth mark right at her belly button.  She thinks it's really cool if you kiss it.  

They were originally playing w/ the dog.  Now, tug of war w/ each other.

Max and his sister Summer.  Dancing of course.  

Nik and Logan watching a movie together.  Same chair.  BTW, 3 weeks ago in Bulgaria Logan was making fun of Nik and anyone else w/ a disability.  Umm, we cured that one I think.  If you're wondering why we have no garland around, it's b/c the stupid dogs keep eating our tree.  Not risking it w/ the garland too.  

Alyona, Reni & Alex.  They all went w/ her to get her new glasses.  All were encouraging to her.  And as usual in Chaos Manor, now broken today....a day later.  Getting fixed tomorrow. Lucky it's minor this time.  I think she looks wonderful w/ the new specs.  

My kids love popcorn and a movie.  Alyona and Summer enjoying a bowl.  

So yes, they are getting along.  Yes, they have squabbles but nothing abnormal.  Really, it is just normal sibling stuff.  Like today when Reni got mad b/c Alyona was wearing her shirt.  That I know is a girl thing b/c IRina and Yana used to do the same thing.  I am pleased w/ how far they've all come together.  Just thought I'd answer one question.  I know I'm behind but truly, we have been super busy.  Tomorrow, it continues.  Logan has an EEG...2 to 6 hours we are expected to be there.  Warren is taking him.  I'm homeschooling the bunch and trying to get stuff done w/ them.  Alex, Nik and Alyona have been doing 20 workbook pages a day trying to catch up.  No, it's not too much.  I let them work at their pace but they have wanted to do this.  I'll have a homeschooling update soon too.  For now, need some sleep.  He has to be there at 7:45am.  This is the last of the medical stuff for Logan.  Wahoo!!!  Dying to hear results from their MRI's.  More to come.  Just wanted to share how they're getting along.  No blood!  LOL. 

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