Sunday, November 20, 2011

2nd Gotcha Day for the sibs!

Well, first for them but the 2nd Gotcha Day on this trip.  I stayed behind w/ Summer and Warren drove the 6 hours to get there and pick them up.  I will say this yet again, I really like this orphanage and how they prepare the kids for adoption.  They could not do it any better.  Though tears amongst friends were shed, they were emotionally prepared to start their new life.  For that, I am very thankful. 

 Reni and Logan getting ready to go.  Warren said they were calm. 

 Everyone making sure all paperwork was in order.  In addition, the orphanage honored my request to make sure Logan had enough meds until we could get to our neurologist at home. 

Warren with the kids, ready to go.  Now, the nerves will start.

The kids with the people they are about to leave behind.  I've said it many times before & I'll say it again...they really do care about the well being of the kids here and prepare them very well for adoption.  The hard work of these people will NOT ever be forgotten.  The director even drove Logan to court.  When kids are 10 or older, they must consent to the adoption in court.  Logan got his wish in court.  Tell you about all that later.

Yes, this did not last long.  My kids at home aren't allowed on the computer until a certain age & neither are these new ones.  Especially, after we discovered what sites they go to!  

Got to love the stuff all over the floor.  Just like home!  LOL.  Summer, still getting used to this idea of new family.  Think, she came with us Thursday & then Friday is sprung with 2 new sibs as well.  Just wait, you'll see her transformations in the next few posts.  

Next post is our first dinner out with the kids.  I didn't take any of when we took just Summer as she was too timid.  No pics was in her best interest at that time.  Now, I can't get her OUT of a picture!  LOL.  She constantly wants me to take her picture now.  I will explain all their transformations over these last ten days & how we went about to get them to that point.  After ten kids adopted internationally, you learn a little something more each & every time.  This makes the adjustment periods shorter with each & every kid.  Wahoo!  Stay tuned.  Starting to feel jetlagged again.  Too bad I can't nap. 

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