Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yardsales rock!

Some people may turn their heads up at this idea but not us.  We love yardsales around this area for sure.  Today, the girls and I went to yardsales this morning.  Well, Yana told me she wanted to go.  Tried to wake her up...twice.  She mumbled no, she did not want to go.  When we got home she asked why we didn't take her.  Can't win.  Told her next time I'll just physically pull her out of bed to wake her. 

Now, at first we almost turned home.  First two were just mostly piles of junk.  But, we kept going and sure glad we did.  Oh my oh my we had fun.  We ended up with a van FULL of items from yardsales.  Too many to go to.  In addition, we had to be back in time to bake the pie and go to soccer games.  But, we used our time wisely and made out like bandits.  Got the boys new winter coats for $2 a piece.  NEW!  "Little bit" got some boots.  Too cute.  The kids really love the baseball bean bag chair & it doesn't have those beans in it.  I got on it and seriously did not want to get up.  It's like one of those memory form ones.  Love it.  Got 3 bike helmets.  Hit one place that apparently had a clothing business that went out.  NEW kids' clothing for $1 a piece!  Yep, a $1.  Scooped up some there.  Irina got a really nice aquarium for $10.  Saw it on Amazon.  List price was $225 and then it was going for $172.  We got it for $10.  Came w/ everything including all the food.  Looks like they hadn't even tried to set it up.  Got Nik a race track and Diego umbrella for his b-day.  He will be thrilled.  Also giving him money.  The race track though will be a total surprise and I know he'll love it.  There really were too many items to name.  So many new items too.  I was just shocked at it all.  So were the kids. 

Came back home and dumped it all out of the van.  Made the pie and got breakfast done.  Off to soccer it was.  Great games and more on all that tomorrow.  Must get to bed and then up for church tomorrow.  Wish we could go on a hike instead.  Does that sound awful?  Like church, don't get me wrong but it is just SO beautiful outside it is a fantastic day for a family hike.  Maybe next weekend.  Anyhow, just had to share some of our yardsale finds.  What we've noticed lately is there are more and more teens shopping at yardsales.  I even see couples going!  Interesting for sure.  Girls and I have fun, wonderful deals and something to do.  Not for everyone but we sure enjoy it when we can.  More on our day tomorrow.  Was a great day. 

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