Friday, October 7, 2011

When homeschool projects....

don't quite work out the way you plan.  Last week, since it's fall, I decided maybe the kids could do some leaf prints.  Simple really. 

 First, we got out construction paper and found a variety of leaves in the yard.  Put rocks on top & let the sun do it's magic.  It's supposed to fade and leave leaf prints behind.  Works in theory but we just did not do what we were supposed to.  Like leave it alone for a few hours.  Hard for kids not to want to check on it every ten minutes.  In addition, they placed it where the sun moves and then it turns to shade.  You need full sun for 3 to 4 hours at least.  Going to attempt this on another day. 

 Nik, making sure his leaves are placed exactly right.  The two "littles"  were also participating w/ this project.  It was a gorgeous day for it for sure.

We moved onto painting when we saw that the leaf prints were going to be a fail this go around.  Some kids painted their pumpkins different colors.  Nik told me he wanted a scary face on his.  He tried to paint a mini jack-o-lantern.  Not too bad.  

 Alyona with her pumpkin. 

Digby always has to be around people.  I think since he was so neglected for a few years that he just craves that love.  Why else would he want to hang around five rather loud kids all day long.  No matter if they're painting or playing with rocks.  Digby just is a people kind of dog.  And we don't mind one bit.  BTW, those impatients in the background came from when they just die off from previous years.  Costs nothing and I have more and more flowers every year.  They say impatients are annuals.  Not here. 

Not all projects will go as planned and that's okay.  We just go with the flow here.  The kids did enjoy the painting though.  I'll have a pumpkin patch post tomorrow, along with some other posts.  Lots to catch up on.  Enjoy your weekend.

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