Monday, October 31, 2011

We stink this year

Yes, we stink this year at Halloween.  I could say w/ us traveling soon it is an excuse.  But, it's not.  We procrastinate.  Let's see.  I just got back from buying the worst candy ever from the store b/c there is literally nothing left.  Yes, we'll be that house that hands out the sucky candy this year.  Not looking forward to it to be honest.  The crappy candy is only the beginning.  See, with court being Oct. 14th and then all the date changes that came thereafter, I really have not put much thought into Halloween.  Shoot, we got our decorations up today & that's only b/c Nik & Max did them. I was trying to reschedule appointments and Max comes in & says Nik was using the staple gun.  Nice one.  Mind you, he was OUT there w/ what I thought were responsible siblings that are not supposed to let him have tools.  Though I will admit, he did a great job.  Not sure Warren will appreciate all the holes now in the siding or posts on the porch but oh well.  It's decorated at least.

Besides us waiting to do both decorations and candy on Halloween, we have the issue of costumes.  Not being of creative mind, I pick up costumes throughout the year at consignment shops or yardsales. 

This is what I resorted to...dumping a bin full of costumes on the floor and said find something to wear.  I knew there were a bunch of costumes as last year I found them for 90% off.  

What are the dogs attacking?  Why Bojan who is teasing them w/ the gorilla mask on.  Let's just say Kota hates(that's putting it lightly) any type of mask or hood on a person.  No, the dog is not going trick or treating w/ us.   And yes, Bojan willingly did this on purpose.

Alyona trying on a wizard hat though she decided to settle on a candy corn witch.  We've decided to have her wear it when she wants to be "Evilona." (what the kids call her when she's in a bad mood.)

Yes, I'm sure he'll erase this picture soon.  Kids put the wig on him after he'd just woken up from a cat nap.  Hey, he tried to crack a smile.  

So, we are thus far pretty epic failures in Halloween this year.  I can't say it's b/c there's a lot going on b/c at Chaos Manor, there is always something going on.  I'm just going to say next year we'll be more prepared and indeed have our Reeces's back! 

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