Thursday, October 27, 2011

Virtual twins

As some of you may know, we have a few sets of virtual twins in this home.  Our ten kids are ages 4, 9, 9, 11, 11, 12, 12, 16, 16, & 18.  And no, we never planned 4 sets of virtual twins w/ an oldest and a youngest as well.  Just happen to work out that way.  Many in the adoption world will tell you you can't adopt out of birth order or not to adopt a child the same age.  Umm, we blew that theory out of the water a long time ago.  LOL.  Maybe it works for us as none of ours came here as very young children.  all ours were 3yo or above.  I like having "twins."  All our twin sets are a boy & a girl except for the 11yo's.  They are both boys.  I have enjoyed having my kids somewhat close in age as well.  They've always had someone to play with.  though you have these "sets," none are even close to being alike. 

Bojan and Alyona are the same age.  Both 12 yo.  No trick photography here.  And, keep in mind, Bojan is not real big for his age. When Alyona is next to other 12yo girls, the difference becomes quite clear just how small she really is.  A petite little thing.  Healthy, but just small.  She has many dx's.  One being failure to thrive.  Much of that was due to orphanage life in Russia.  But she has really grown in the last year.  We finally got her out of toddler sizes last year and she is steadily in a size 7/8.  Though small, Alyona is full of personality and spunk.  Even though her sibs tease her, they also look out for her as well.  Bojan and Alyon though both 12yo, are both very different.  Yet, both have huge personalities and "spunk."  For that reason, they are indeed virtual twins.  Those considering doing the "virtual twin" it.  Though so different, the love is the same.  And, ours look out for one another I've noticed.