Saturday, October 8, 2011

Upwards Soccer

Last weekend we really enjoyed our time at Upwards soccer.  We were there all day long but it was a gorgeous day so we did not mind one bit.  It was chilly in the morning but warmed up later.  Thought you'd enjoy some pictures from last weekend. 

Alyona, watching her teammates play.  

Nik, trying to lay down in the little chair.  Not working for him.  LOL.  Staying warm w/ a spare blanket from the car. 

Alex & Alyona taking a break for lunch.  Typically, we bring our lunch everywhere when we'll be gone all day.  This was one of those rush-rush mornings and we forgot to make lunches.  Couldn't go home due to spacings of the games & the fact that we were selling pie filling.  So, Warren ran to Arby's.  It has been YEARS since we've gone there.  And, we remembered why.  We're not much on fast food in this house.  Okay, so we love Wendy's frosty's and french fries.  Other than that, none of us really enjoy eating fast food.  Alex said "what is this stuff on here?"  I said, " I think some cheese mixture."  I'm lucky our kids are not fast food junkies.  Yesterday, we remembered our lunch for the field trip.  

We were selling pie filling as a fundraiser that day.  Nik is manning the table here.  While eating lunch.

 Alex, in action.  Alex is always at the ready in soccer. 

Hard to get shots of Alex b/c he is always in motion.  This kid loves soccer.  He's already asked me when he can play again.  So, looks like we're doing soccer in the spring.  Glad he's found his niche.  And, Alex is great at it.  Not just saying that.  Alex is one of these that has natural athletic ability at any sport.  Baseball the coaches from other fields were coming over to ask about him.  And that was years ago.  The fact that he enjoys it so much makes it all that more wonderful to watch.  We've never pushed our kids into anything.  Kind of let them find their own way.  If they wanted to try something, we'd let them. 

Alex has always been a sports fanatic.  Always.  Not happy unless he's kicking or throwing something.  Literally, can't control his hands.  Also, helped him to get rid of one of his tics w/ his hand he used to have.  Max and Nik have always loved art and been passionate for it.  Neither are that into sports and that's okay.  They live & breathe art.  Bojan, he is our drama(theater) and music guy. Hence, why he's pursuing band this year.  From what I'm told, 'L' is very much a sports man too.  So, our boys have all found their niche and glad that it's not all the same.  Interesting to see how they develop.  You just never know, do you? 

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