Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updates of sorts

We're doing okay.  Tired but that is to be expected.  I think when you prepare to travel, you run around like a chicken with its head cut off until its time to leave.  Just the way it is b/c you don't want to forget anything.  Especially, the second trip.

Kids are doing well.  They were beyond disappointed with the date change of the trip.  They understand but still doesn't make it any easier on them as they want their brother & sisters home for sure.  Slowly, we are getting our house ready for the new kids.  Beds are all up, washed & ready for kids to sleep.  Girls' room is picked up.  Always is.  It's the boys' room of horrors I fear.  LOL  They'll clean it up and I swear 10 to 20 minutes later it looks like they did nothing.  I just don't get it.  In the past, I've even gone so far as to strip the entire room w/ nothing but a bed.  You know what happened?  The mess came to the room!  No kidding.  Things were pulled in from other rooms and plopped on the floor.  After speaking to a # of my friends, I have realized I am not the only parent w/ this type of boy problem.  And I have not noticed it getting better w/ age.  They cleaned their room up the day before yesterday.  I went in, all in its place, etc.  Clothes put away, clean bed clothes, beds made, etc.  Today, walked in this morning and looks like a tornado hit.  Just don't get it.  Going to try again.

Nothing much going on.  Taking the younger kids to a Halloween Trunk or Treat put on by the community.  Should be fun tonight.  Tomorrow, Saturday, soccer games in the cold, wet rain all morning long.  It's their last set of games.  After that, we're cleaning up a bit and probably watching a movie due to rainy weather.  Sunday is church day but I do believe we need a family day away somewhere.  So, if weather is okay, going to go on a family hike.  Have a picnic and just admire the peace for right now.  I think we all need that.  Many big, big changes coming in the next few weeks w/ the addition of the holiday season as well.  My kids need that slow down feeling for a little bit and we all can always use the fresh air and exercise.  Otherwise, just trying to not stress our upcoming trip.

Oh, had a comment on the virtual twin post.  I can assure you no rules are being broken.  We have a great agency and everyone makes sure i's are dotted & t's crossed. LOL.  I had never heard of a ten month rule.  I know of many other families who have adopted from this same country w/ children very close in age as well.  There is also no limit on family size.  Many large families have adopted from here and continue to do so.  With larger families, many who adopt do have children very close in age just by the # of kids they have.  I do know they are thinking of doing an age limit soon between how old parents can be to adopt a very young child.  But, not sure when or if that may go into effect.  Each country has their own set of rules in regards to adoption.  As with any country though, I do know there are exceptions in various cases.  Take China for example.  I know quite a few who adopted special needs and got waivers here & there for income requirements.  It truly varies on the situation of that particular family.  Also, many countries have waivers for special needs adoptions.  All adoptions are family have ever done have been categorized as special needs adoptions per each country's rules.  I know when we had 2 children, Russia could not understand why on earth we'd ever want to add two more.  Once you explain it, they do seem to understand.  Many countries the cultures are so different in thinking it takes time for them to understand these "crazy Americans."  I use that term b/c when I lived in Germany, we heard that in their culture a lot.  Anyhow, just want people to know whatever country you adopt from your agency will guide you in the rules of that country & if indeed there are exceptions for certain situations.  This is again why I tell folks who are potentially adopting to first and foremost find a very good agency that will guide you.  It is impossible to know all the rules of every country if you are adopting.  However, I guarantee you your agency will as it is their job.

Well, started this yesterday.  More to come in another post.  

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