Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I don't even know how to write this at the moment as my head is still spinning from the news.  We were to fly out Nov. 1st and return the 11th.  That date has now been postponed. This is now the 4th set of travel dates I've received.  We are now leaving the 7th and returning the 18th.  Yes, it is now longer.  Yes, it will now cost much, much more.  Changing airline tickets and waiting for a new quote soon.  I know you have to go with the flow but I was just getting SO excited.  The kids were counting down the days.  Literally, the first thing out of Nik's mouth every morning for the past week is how many more days till we leave.  He told me he was going to cry.  Alex was really, really upset.  The older kids don't even know yet as they're at school. 

I'm trying to be reasonable but when you are just 6 days out from leaving, everything arranged and then wham!  I even was getting the suitcases out finally.  I know this is just par for the course & to go with the flow.  However, it really is easier said than done.  I know the difference is only a week.  But I had it all arranged.  Drivers, sitter, dog stuff, trash to the dump person, medical appointments and everything.  Now, all is to be rescheduled.  ALL of it.  That is not an easy task.  I'm being truthful here b/c those in a similar situation need to know what to expect.  Things get postponed for all kinds of reasons.  There is nothing wrong whatsoever w/ the adoption or court decree.  That is wonderful to hear.  But having to change the 20 appointments I had made for the week we got home is a bit much.  And no, I"m not exaggerating on that #.  So, my work begins.  There is no homeschool today.  Teacher workday for sure.  I know this all shall pass. I do know that.  Just hard b/c I really & truly was ready to go and bring the kids home next week. 

I'm not sad.  I know this will happen.  I know in the long run this makes me a better person.  I have to find the silver lining in all this.  Great news is, now I can eat all the candy I want on Halloween and not be worried about being sick on the plane.  And, we get to see the kids Upwards Awards Ceremony for soccer.  Hey, those two items are definitely a silver lining.  And, I may, may, allow my one teen daughter to go on a date before we go now.  Not even posting about all that yet.  Plus, much of my kids' social lives I will leave private out of respect for them.  So, yes, there are some great things we'll be able to see & do.  And, I know of others who will be in Bulgaria the same time we are this go around so maybe we can meet up!  Yes, there is good news in the bad news.  Just when you are this close to bringing your kids home, it really throws you for a loop.  Promise, that is the last of the whining I'll do.  Onto other things.  Like changing 20 appointments.  Enjoy your week.  I am just happy the kids are ours and that we do get to bring them home.  And, they will be home for Thanksgiving.  How can I even get disappointed when I think about that?   That in itself is a very happy thought... all 12 of us at the dining room table for Thanksgiving.  Love it.

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  1. Can't even imagine how your heart sank when you got that news. All the positives you mentioned were right but still, I know that stinks. Praying for you.