Monday, October 17, 2011

Tolerant dogs

When our household decides to have dogs, it is for many reasons. One, our dogs act as therapy to some of our children that have had a traumatic past.  It does help.  Another reason is we have always had dogs and love the companionship.  Now, getting a dog is a huge responsibility.  We have to have many things go into our decision just by the sheer number of FASD kids here and also tots that come over to our home.  Dogs can not be vicious but can be protective.  They must be cuddly.  Our dogs put up with many, many things throughout a day. 

'King Kota' is very protective of "his" people.  Yet, a toddler can come over such as this 3yo little and lay all over Kota.  Kota does nothing to this kiddo.  In fact, Kota puts up with way more than I ever would from all the kids here. LOL  Kota is a very tolerant dog to the little ones in this home & those that visit.  However, if he does not know you & you walk in this home, you better watch out.  Kota is without a doubt our watch dog.  It has been proven often he will not let anyone in this home that he does not know.  Yet, the kids' friends can walk in and out of here w/out so much as a bark.  It's great.  

Another example of a tolerant dog.  Alaska, allowing Warren to rest his foot on her.  The shoe next to her was one she was chewing on earlier.  Yes, still working on breaking that stupid habit of hers.  

All of our dogs are fantastic with kids.  There was a time I was worried about Kota but it has since passed.  He has learned where he belongs and that if mom & dad say it's okay, then that person is okay.  I'm just really thankful we found such tolerant dogs that put up w/ a lot of what goes on here w/ the kids and their friends.  They love to play tug of war w/ the dogs, ball, and general stuff.  Kids and I walk the dogs every single day.  Even the "littles" walk.  They are allowed to walk Digby.  Kota and Alaska still have a ways to go on the leash.  Just glad we decided last year that we would add 3 dogs to the mix.  Many thought we were crazy at the time but somehow, crazy works for us.  Now that the puppies are older and found their ways, we have a fantastic relationship w/ the dogs.  We love them to pieces and love just how awesome they are with the children here.  Also, we realize now timing was perfect last year.  For had we waited, it would have been difficult to have 3 new kids AND 3 new dogs.  See, sometimes you just have to do crazy.

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