Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The To Do List

Every family has a to do list before any trip.  Ours however, takes a little more planning.  With that in mind, thought I'd give you a condensed list.  That way future parents in adoption can see what to expect.  Okay, so some of these are just for us. 

1.  Book flights
2.  Find sitter
3.  Shop for gifts
4.  Find more suitcases
5.  Buy more clothes for 3 more kids
6.  Buy shoes for 3 more kids
7.  Find out clothing size for above kids
8.  Find out shoe sizes for above kids
9.  Arrange trip to trash dump while we're gone
10. Clean house
11. Figure out Thanksgiving
12. Figure out the month of November activities for all kids
13.  Reschedule all appointments from when we're gone
14. Make new appointments for new kids (neurology priority)
15. Order meds so kids don't run out while we're gone
16. Get Nik's implant fixed (his spare)
17. Make emergency contact list
18. Go grocery shopping
19. Make arrangements w/ farmer while I'm gone
20. Prepare homeschool curriculum while we're gone
21. Arrange for kids to be gone on youth trip while we're gone
22. Get new tires (only check on here!)
23. Find passports (don't ask)
24. Arrange bedroom for new son (bed currently laying in pieces in the kitchen)
25.  Find another dresser for the girls
26. Make appointment for FAMILY Christmas picture
27. Close pool
28. Figure out dog situation for when we get home
29. Alex is supposed to go away while we're gone
30. Don't panic
31. Tell "littles" parents we'll be gone
32. Write POA's
33. Get orphanage donations organized
34. Umm, forgot about Halloween till just now
35. Warren to take adoption leave
36. Sit down w/ contractors (explaining this one soon!)
37. Write casting director (explaining this one soon too!)
38. Get Irina to DMV
39. Contact Voc. Rehab for Irina regarding job situation
40. Irina applying for jobs (yes, has to be done now)
41. Find out what appointments we had..stupid puppies ate my day runner
42. Finish current fundraisers
43. Find out what funds remaining are due
44. Need to find funds for travel ASAP( more on this later as well)
45. Get kids haircuts before we go
46. Make sure new kids get added to insurance
47. Warren go to the dentist
48. Make permanent seat assignments in van
49. Make assigned seats at dinner table
50. Rig dining room table to seat 12 all at one table versus two. 
51. Prepare kids for new sibs
52. Make links of love
53. Redo chore charts
54. Figure out some kind of food plan for when we get home
55. Try not to lose my mind from this list
56. Assign new sign names for the three new kids
57. Learn survival parenting Bulgarian

Now, this is just a glimpse of what needs to be done to prepare for their arrival in a few short weeks.  It is not easy.  For those who have graciously offered help in the past and we keep saying no, I guarantee if you ask this time, you'll be drafted.  LOL.  There are three children coming home.  No English spoken.  Scared kids, who's life has been turned upside down and inside out.  They are leaving orphanage life behind and beginning with family life.  We have done this time and time again.  However, there are more children this go around.  I am confident though with friends & neighbors' support, we'll be able to make their transition into this family a good one.  My oh my is all I have to say.  More to come.  Taking kids to story time tomorrow.  They have cooking club and science clubs tomorrow evening.  Thursday, early release.  Tomorrow,Yana has her last meet of the season.  Hope it's a great one.  For those I have not responded to yet, I am getting there.  My inbox is really full.  I'm answering one at a time.  Once you get the call, all focus is indeed on that for the first few days.  After that, your head is out of the clouds.  Enjoy your week everyone.  I'm definitely going to enjoy mine.  More tomorrow.  For now, try to get to bed.  Try.  Too much on the mind

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