Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's been awhile I feel since I've done one of these posts.  For those new, it is where I tell of something thoughtful my kids have done during the course of the week.   When you have multiple children with behavioral issues, sometimes it is too easy to forget the sweet things they do or the little moments that mean something.  This helps us to remember.

Irina-- Without even asking, she decided she and Alyona were going to clean Alyona & her sisters' new room.  Total organization.  She didn't have to.  Irina did it b/c she wanted to.  Very thoughtful of her to think of her new sisters.

Yana-- We came home last night and found she'd taken out the trash, swept the downstairs and walked the dogs.  Thoughtful of her to know we'd all be too tired after a long day & getting home late.  She got home after her cross country meet.  (her team came in 3rd! at the conference meet)

Alyona-- She has really been thinking a lot lately at how she can help her new sisters when they get home.  She is going to teach them all kinds of things she said.  Just thoughtful that her thoughts are on others during this transition time.

Max--  Max volunteered himself for the ice cold dunking booth at the fall festival the church held.  They needed volunteers and he did it w/out hesitation.  

Bojan-- Same as Max.  He too volunteered.  Did not have to at all.  However, he really wanted to help.  

Alex-- He has really shocked me lately.  He wants his brother home so badly.  He has done everything he can to try to get his brothers to help him clean up the room for his new brother.  

Nik-- Came  outside one day and he was raking the leaves in the front yard.  Just noticed it needed to be done.  First one to rake this season!

Just had to share.  I'm really proud of the kids lately.  there has been no sense of jealousy whatsoever and that will help to make the transitions much easier.  Last night at church they told me all the kids came to her & said their brother and sisters are coming home. Let's me know they are happy about this and not jealous or angry or anything.  Not a one of them!  Now, that to me is kind of a shocker b/c I was expecting it.  It is normal.  We've done this before and experienced this before.  Definitely helps to lessen the worry though.  Lots is going on here at Chaos Manor.  Trying to keep it all straight w/ lists and stuff.  We are to leave in less than two weeks and nowhere near ready.  Though this morning it looks like we have a driver to the airport.  Now to get home from the airport.  Slowly, we'll get there.  Slowly.  We've recently hit a major, major roadblock and will have to figure something out quickly.  May ask for suggestions soon.  For now, time to check the kids' school work and do a lecture on colonial times.  And check the quick science experiment we did.  Rest of the day Warren & I will be chopping off the list that is currently 65 items long.  Just like each adoption before this, when we're on that plane headed towards our kids, this will all be a long past thought.  

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