Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A thing of the past

During an adoption process you get used to many things.  You get used to things like uncertainty, waiting, paperwork, creative thinking for funding, printed pictures of kids to be till you can meet them, your agency's phone #, waiting some more, adoption terminology, homestudy, post placements, social workers.  So many other things you can throw into that pot that we will no longer have to think of as our family will be complete.  Some of it, I truly will miss.  Shoot, we have been adopting since 1999 and some things you just get used to.  One thing I can tell you however, that I will without a doubt not miss is this:

Apostilling.  Yep, won't miss it.  We had gone to the NC History Museum awhile back.  Saw these stickers and just had to have them for some reason.  Hey, just stickers.  Not the real thing (real one is raised & not all gold) but after doing apostille after apostille, adoption after adoption, dossier after dossier, I just got a kick out of these stickers that are like the real raised seal you must have on your paperwork.  Granted, these aren't the real things but rather much cheaper. LOL.  It is one thing I will not miss.  Going downtown to drop off papers to get that golden seal.  For those new to adoption, once you get something notarized,  you then get it apostilled.  In this state, (many adoptions ago) we had to first get it registered & then apostilled.  Now, they have combined the process so much more efficient and cheaper.  For those new to adoption, a dossier is a stack of papers that holds every aspect of your life.  You have to have others sign off that it is indeed truthful and then get those signed as well.  It's a long process but in place to protect the future children being adopted.  

Now, some states have not so nice Sec. of State offices.  We are VERY lucky here to have FANTASTIC people to work there.  I'm not just saying that either.  They are quick as quick can be, polite and not angry.  Years ago (when we got Max & Irina), there was one lady that umm, was known to not be so nice.  She is no longer there.  We personally have never had any trouble.  In fact, they even caught some mistakes from us from time to time.  Hey, better to catch it at the state level than to have it sent over to another country for translation & it be wrong.  We are really grateful for a pleasant Secretary of State's office.  Will be odd to no longer need apostilles for anything.  Yet, in a way, it symbolizes our family is complete.  We are whole.  And thanks to this golden seal, we are complete.  Don't you love the museum stickers? 

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