Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thankful for bread

We had a friend last weekend that called us and asked us if we wanted some bread.  We said sure.  What we didn't know is she had a friend that worked at Panera.  Apparently, they get rid of all their bread at certain times. You all know how restaurant health codes are.  Well, I do anyhow.  I worked & managed a pizza restaurant for a long time and some times would cringe at what we had to throw away.  Perfectly good food.  Hate it.  But, have to follow the rules so we did.  One time our cooler went out for just a few hours and had to throw cases and cases of meat away.  My fridge goes out, I tell the kids to shut the door & not open it until power comes back on.  LOL.  I'm sure you all do the same.  Restaurants have very, very stringent rules.  As do the grocery store deli's.(worked those too). 

Anyhow, the restaurant was getting rid of all the bread.   My friend froze a bunch and we were asked if we wanted some as well.  I just did not know it would be about 2 garbage bag size full of bread!  And wow, awesome bread at that.  We decided to eat some & freeze some. 

We decided to make bread bowls out of the round loaves we received.  Made chili & filled up the bread bowls.  You'd thought I'd given the kids cake.  We were so thankful for all the bread we were given.  Just was something different and we've thoroughly enjoyed all the varieties.  Chili in bread bowls, homemade chicken noodle in bread bowls, etc.  It's awesome.  Kids are begging for more bread bowls.  Yes, they liked them that much.  Now, I must learn how to make these bread bowls.  I'm serious about learning to make bread bowls.  Anyone knows, let me know.  Thanks.

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